• Skate Punk

    28. Feb. 2007, 17:12

    I'm taking a trip back to 2001/2. All I used to listen to was skate punk. Did it do me any harm? (Probably, considering my attention span is similar to that of a dead goldfish when it comes to music, and I used to think that if it ain't got 3 chords it was shit.)

    As you can see, NOFX are pretty high on my chart this week (although, the chart has possibly changed now, depending on when you're reading this garbage.) The reason for this? Well, fancied a blast from the past. Fat Mike and his crew have always been a soft spot (like his belly) of mine, and they have a 'punk' attitude in their "I-don't-care-what-you-think-about-us,-we-like-making-songs-called-puke-on-cops". Bless them.

    Anyway, other great skate punk bands are:

    Bad Religion
    Dead Kennedys
    The Lawrence Arms

    Erm.... just go to Epitaph's website to find more. Or better still, here.

    Now, get off the computer, go outside and get some sun. This means nothing. It's a rant/ramble.
  • Top 10 Thingy

    20. Feb. 2007, 16:01

    This idea was shamelessly stolen from the legend that is,jamesdelve.

    So anyway...GO FORTH! and read on...

    1. Some Girls

    First Track Heard – Gonna Set Myself On Fire!
    Made You Fall In Love – The DNA Will Have Its Say
    Current Fave – I Need Drugs
    Favourite Album – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens

    2. The Blood Brothers

    First Track Heard – Ambulance vs Ambulance
    Made You Fall In Love – Cecilia the Silhouette Saloon
    Current Fave – Giant Swan
    Favourite Album – March on Electric Children

    3. Give Up The Ghost

    First Track Heard – Shoplifting in a Ghost Town
    Made You Fall In Love – Hearts
    Current Fave – Sore Throat Syndrome
    Favourite Album – Background Music

    4. The Bronx

    First Track Heard – Cobra Lucha
    Made You Fall In Love – Heart Attack American
    Current Fave – White Guilt
    Favourite Album – The Bronx II

    5. Rocket from the Crypt

    First Track Heard – On A Rope
    Made You Fall In Love – Born in ‘69
    Current Fave – Too Many Balls
    Favourite Album – Group Sounds

    6. Brand New

    First Track Heard – Quiet Things Know One Ever Knows
    Made You Fall In Love – Sic Transit Gloria….Glory Fades
    Current Fave – Soco Amaretto Lime
    Favourite Album – Deja Entendu

    7. Spank Rock

    First Track Heard – Rick Rubin
    Made You Fall In Love – Far Left
    Current Fave – Lindsay Lohan
    Favourite Album – Yoyoyoyoyoyo

    8. Hot Snakes

    First Track Heard – XOX
    Made You Fall In Love – If Credit’s What Matters, I’ll Take Credit
    Current Fave – Ben Gurion
    Favourite Album – Automatic Midnight

    9. Jetplane Landing

    First Track Heard – Acrimony
    Made You Fall In Love – Writing The Ways Down
    Current Fave – The New Standard
    Favourite Album – Once Like A Spark

    10. The Drips

    First Track Heard – Downbrown
    Made You Fall In Love – All Kids-Dead
    Current Fave- Fountains (demo)
    Favourite Album – Drips

    I can't be bothered to tag the albums and tracks...go fish!