• iPhones and Scrobbling

    29. Apr. 2012, 5:10

    I have been using the built-in iOS iPhone music application to play music lately, mostly because I have the iTunes Match service, where I can store my music in the cloud.

    This service has a limit of 25,000 tracks (I only have about 10,000 tracks) and seems to allow unlimited downloads of the tracks.

    In order to scrobble what I listen to, I have been using an iPhone application called "Cloud Scrob" (, which is pretty foolproof. You just launch the app and it scans your library for plays and scrobbles them all at once. The main problem with this app is that you have to remember to run it and it gets slower as the size of your library grows.

    Recently, an upgrade of the "Music +" app ( greatly enhances the use of it if you also have iTunes Match. Since Music + (or any 3rd party app) cannot download tracks from iTunes Match, it will only play silence if you try to play them. The latest enhancement in Music + is the ability to hide tracks in your library that are not downloaded to the device. This lets me retrieve tracks using the iOS music app, and then listen to them in Music +. Music + will scrobble as you listen, and also update the "listening now" status in your profile.