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Reel Big FishJoin the Club 4. Nov. 2007
The Mighty Mighty BosstonesStand Off 4. Nov. 2007
SublimeDon't Push 4. Nov. 2007
Regina SpektorSummer in the City 4. Nov. 2007
The Mighty Mighty BosstonesNevermind Me 4. Nov. 2007
Reel Big FishSay 'Ten' 4. Nov. 2007
Ben FoldsIn Between Days 4. Nov. 2007
Pearl JamEven Flow 4. Nov. 2007
Ben FoldsRockin' The Suburbs 4. Nov. 2007
DeerhoofThe Eyebright Bugler 4. Nov. 2007
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Über mich

I am an example of what not to do.
I make your eyes go this.
I suck. thats about it.
That is too funny...
I have Photoshop. I'm really a 1/2black 1/2Thai albino midget.
I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body

I like to chew my orange juice.
I think OJ did it.

I don't like it when my Ketchup/Catsup and Mustard touch, I do like it when my Mustard and Mayonaise touch. I don't like Sweet Relish, but I was very happy to find out about Dill Relish.

I have a sense of humor you may not find funny at all, you may actually find it quite insulting. I will laugh when you get insulted. You will bitch and moan about it, that will make me laugh even more. Thanks.

The name of the game is plain to the dames. I'm the reason you're pleased in your season. To rumble and roll, stumble and flow, lock and load. It's the name game time. Chris Chris Fo Fis Fuh Fanna Fanna Mo Mis - Chrissssssssssssss.

sucka mc's.

I drop gems like I got holes in my pockets - MC Paul Barman

Please note I am not actually Christopher Patrick Partida.

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