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Über mich

aloha kakou. 'o Shantelle Leilani Aloha'o'ku'upu'uwai Despabiladeras ko'u inoa.
(i love my name)

armed with Hawaiian memory, a Filipina's capacity for love, and womyn's intuition, i try to live my life in the moment and without regrets. recently graduated, i'm currently addicted to expanding my world and pursuing interests not entirely pertinent to my majors :) but then again, that's the beauty of interdisciplinarianismismism.

i can't go very long without breathing in the ocean (meditating by the nearest body of water may substitute if ke kai is not an option). and though i love it here, i think it's time to say goodbye to the bay for a while...the islands are a-callin...

i play sports in slippers. i'm comforted by the presence of good company, even if i'm just listening to their stories. i'm an observer, and have been described as highly insightful. endorphins, music, and laughter turn me on. dishonesty turns me off. i don't always follow my own advice...

BUT i know how to laugh and smile :D and in summary, what is there to say other than that i am forever a work in progress, striving to learn something new everyday. i recognize that wherever i'm at in life, is just the right place to be to continue the growing process. and when i get battle fatigue from all the stresses/heartbreaks/prejudices we all encounter in life, i remind myself that i'm not the first _________ (fill in the blank) to go thru hard times, and i aspire to keep fighting the good fight and embody a positive example for other __________ (fill in the blank).


(p.s. i'm WEE-yurd)


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