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Enduserhow can you tell i'm not there 20. Jul., 11:19
Enduserassasin 20. Jul., 11:11
Enduserwednesday 20. Jul., 11:07
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Über mich

Shane Edward Semler, a.k.a. Shadowjack, has been writing, recording, and producing music for over 20 years. The name “Shadowjack” comes from the book Jack of Shadows, written by one of his favourite authors, Roger Zelazny. The titular anti­hero is a being torn between the forces of logic and irrationality, science and fantasy. Shane sees this struggle in himself, and all of humanity. This cognitive dissonance manifests in his art, games and music.

His musical interests span many genres including DnB, trance, ambient, industrial and metal. Shane loves mixing effects and music to create evocative, otherworldly soundscapes as well as creating visual art that parallels and complements the audio. Electronic music will always sound like the future to him. It’s probably because he’s a big nerd and has seen way too many episodes of classic Doctor Who and old sci­fi movies.

The music and art of Shadowjack is Shane’s attempt to mix together everything he loves about the sounds and visuals he associates with science fiction films, television, illustration and literature; put his own unique stamp on it and create his own future.

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