Top 5: Alternative Dance


22. Mär. 2010, 13:31

Alternative dance is a term used for the genre of music combining elements of dance-pop (or other forms of electronic house or techno) and alternative rock genres such as indie rock. Alternative dance music is typically predominantly electronic, with programmed beats from drum machines or sampled drum loops and sequenced synthesizer melodies, and thus musically very similar to commercial dance-pop. The indie element is most prevalent in the songwriting; unlike much dance music, alternative dance typically contains lyrics, and, as in indie pop or indie rock, these are often more thematically complex and/or less polished than those of commercial pop.

Always on My Mind by Pet Shop Boys

40' by Franz Ferdinand

Think I'm In Love by Beck

Mesh by New Order

Barrel of a Gun by Depeche Mode


  • prominence_la

    Totally agree with you on Mesh - in fact, I just finished dancing to it. Quite the workout. ; )

    18. Nov. 2011, 23:39
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