Sets from January 22nd, 2011


10. Feb. 2011, 3:23

I DJ most Saturdays at Spellbound DC in Washington DC. There were 2 other DJs with me on the 22nd, but I'll let them set up their own page.

Tell me what you think. And if you're in the capitol of these United States, drop on by and buy me a drink.

O. Children – Dead Disco Dancer
The Exploding Boy – What You Want To
Deathcamp Project – Another
Fangs on Fur – Headhunter
Uninvited Guests – When You’re Dead
Penis Flytrap – Cemetery Girl
Ikon – I Never Wanted You
Gary Numan – Dead Heaven (remix)
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Edge of Dawn – Stage Fright (Splitter remix)
Covenant – My Domain
Ayria – Bad List (Freak Angel mix)
Skinny Puppy – Testure
Sisters of Mercy – Black Planet
Depeche Mode – A Pain That I’m Used To

David Bowie – Heart’s Filthy Lesson
Grendel – Hate This
E Nomine – Mitternacht
Heimatærde – Dark Dance (Mainfloor)
Acumen – Gun Lover
KLF – 3am Eternal
Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko
Veil Veil Vanish – Anthem for a Doomed Youth
She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
And One – Military Fashion Show
Suicide Commando – Bind Torture Kill
Killing Miranda – Discotheque Necronomicon
Revolting Cocks – Beers, Steers & Queers
Wumpscut – Wreath of Barbs (Rammstein remix)
Rotersand – Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
Covenant – Lightbringer (Speedrun )
Siouxsie & the Banshees – Peek-a-Boo
Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
The Ramones – Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?
Bigod 20 – The Bog (Dance mix)
The Cure – Lovecats
William Shatner – I Can’t Get Behind That
Adam Selzer – I Thought She Was a Goth
Voltaire – The Night
Jane’s Addiction – Jane Says


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