• Back to 666 groups

    9. Jun. 2011, 20:44

    Apparently one of the closed groups I applied to I-don't-remember-when finally accepted me so I had to pick one to leave. That was not so hard though.
  • Its WGD

    22. Mai. 2011, 19:40

    Yup, its World Goth Day today. I find it hilarious that it fell on the day after the non-rapture. Maybe we can get them to move next year's date to Dec. 22 2012.
  • Back to the official scrobbler

    8. Mai. 2011, 5:22

    Ugh, I loved using GimmeSomeTune a donate-ware mac program that would scrobble to; fetch artwork; fetch lyrics [?]; and display a small window that would show you whatever track just started playing. I loved this little app

    But then ever since updating my OS to Snow Leopard it hasn't worked quite right. The program has been totally unable to remember where to display the "alert window" so it kept going to the default location over the top center of my main monitor when I really need it on top center of the second monitor so its out of the way.

    But since everything else worked ok I kept using it.

    Then this week I threw in two more ram cards, and ever since that GST has been VERY unstable. It was not scrobbling right and would crash a lot.

    So I tried TunesArt, a mac app with similar features. Wouldn't you know it; its features worked great for me except for scrobbling which it flat out refused to do.

    So I am back to using the official scrobbler for the mac which I haven't used in years
  • Ram installed

    7. Mai. 2011, 1:58

    Finally got my new pair of 512 cards. They're Samsung, Xserve cards. The heatsinks are incredibly tiny compared to the apple-brand ones and probably use 1/8th the surface area. Nonetheless they seem to work ok so far.

    I must say this is the easiest mac I've ever had to do basic upgrades to. Such a major improvement from the G3s and G4s that would make your eyes bleed and your fingers cry.

    I only have two ram slots left empty so I am going to wait until I can afford something of significant size to put in them. I am not a gamer so my meager 3GB isn't terrible.

    If I ever get a decent job I am going to get the full 16GB that this computer can use. My google earth project that I have been working on has been making the bloatware lag like crazy.

    You would think 2GB ram and two dual core 2gh cpus would be sufficient for using google earth to mark, name, and catalog every cemetery & graveyard in my state. But apparently that's not true! It was taking my machine over an hour to quit after adding more cemeteries to my database. Activity manager [task manager for your PC users] showed that google earth was sucking down the ram but really was not fully using my processing power. Hopefully this $17 upgrade will help fix that.
  • Well that was unexpected

    5. Mai. 2011, 15:07

    I bought a new hard drive on eBay. At least that's what it was described as. Wouldn't you know it; I got a refurb model that didn't match up with the specs in the listing AND it came dead on arrival.

    S.M.A.R.T. status says: FAIL!

    So now I have to wait another 1-2 weeks to get another drive from another seller.
  • Hard Drive Crash

    1. Mai. 2011, 19:04

    Well considering I keep my computer running 24/7 with almost no downtime [just occasional restarts for system updates] and its been like this for something like three years now; I have been lucky that I have not had any hardware failures.

    Until now.

    Yesterday I got home to find my computer frozen. I did a hard reboot and it took I sht you not over 45 minutes just to boot up. The mac stayed in the gray boot screen for over 40 minutes while doing apparently nothing. No hard drive noise coming from the tower. It was like it had locked up. But it did eventually boot and diagnostics showed all kinds of errors with my hard drive in bay 3.

    So I cannot use much of my desktop until sometime this week when I'll be getting a replacement 500gb sata. I am amazed how cheap they've gotten since I got the machine. Three years ago I think I was paying three times for these drives. Luckily I do not appear to have lost any data thanks to a combination of this being a fresh install and my backups. However since all my other drives are completely full I cannot simply do a snow leopard install onto another drive and start using my computer again.

    While I was at it I ordered another gig in ram since that's so cheap now. I have four slots open still, so I hope to eventually put a 512 stick in each. I just don't have enough money to do a lot to my computer right now.

    The mac pro uses some really crazy-stupid ram cards. They're normal DDR2 5300 667's only with giant heat sinks because Apple didn't want to make too much noise by having fans running more often then they already do. Which makes zero sense since this is a desktop we're talking about, their top of the line model no less. It's not something like a laptop that is being hauled around by students into libraries and study halls where sound could be a problem. But I guess its understandable since when the xeon intel mac pro came out Apple was still under heavy criticism for absurd noise problems with their G4 and early G5 powermacs.

    Anyhow; the ram cards that are approved for the mac pro have these mega huge heat sinks mounted to them. Under that it's normal ECC cert'd 240pin 5300 ram, but apparently the tower was designed to use these heatsinks and without them the ram quickly overheats. At least that's what I keep reading in googling the subject. According to the forums Kingston had at one point been selling normal 5300 cards with modest heatsinks as mac pro compatible but had to take that listing off their site because of overheating problems. A few retailers have non-Apple ram claiming to perform as well as Apple direct ram, OTC for instance. But I really can't afford to pay that kinda money so used cards on eBay here I go.

    What I would really like is a decent sound card for my mac pro, given that the headphone and mic jacks on the tower are crap and have worn so fast that plugs do not seat properly inside them after minimal use. Something like a surround sound card would be nice, but finding something with mac drivers that doesn't cost absurd amounts is not easy so right now its just another pipe dream. I need a DVI-D cable as well as I am at it but that's going to have to wait.
  • It's 2011 and we can't do this yet?

    20. Apr. 2011, 21:57

    You know what annoys me?

    I like compilation cds. But because I have so many of them I find I often have the same exact track a dozen+ different times on my computer because of its popularity.

    I could rip it a single time, but then all but one of my cds would appear incomplete in my library. So why can't they make a mp3 player that uses aliases of existing files to get a single mp3 to display in numerous locations under different track/year/release name field entries?

    I shouldn't have to have 15 identical mp3s for Bela Lugosi's Dead because I have it on the single, the album, and 13 compilation cds. The track is the same! We're not talking different run times or remixes or remastered editions. That's 15x the amount of disc space that should be taken up.

    I can't be the only one who has noticed this.
  • Odd Bug

    17. Apr. 2011, 21:46

    Yesterday I had something go wrong with my firefox profile on my computer. For some odd reason whenever I tried to fill out the "title" or "subject" field on a forum [such as making a new thread on a forum or making a new journal entry here] firefox would hang for several minutes after each letter was typed. The program would not crash per say, and if I write out a whole sentence it will eventually write it all out. It would just take an hour. Or more.

    What a mess it was to fix that. I deleted my preferences, extensions, themes. Nothing seemed to work. So I backed up my bookmarks and started a whole new profile and now I can do journal entries again.

    This has nothing to do with music, but its not like focuses on streaming music anymore anyhow. With those crazy new licensing fees I don't blame them.

    But that aside does anyone have any favorite music related firefox themes, extensions, or plugins?
  • Music from Movies

    2. Mär. 2010, 4:02

    Whether we're talking about music scores, or music soundtracks, music plays a huge role in the movie business. I've heard some people claim that the score was what actually saved Star Wars from crashing & burning during its development because it gave Lucas hope when everything else was going epically horrible.

    When I look at some of my favorite movies, I never know if I would have liked them as much without their accompanying scores. Imagine if Last of the Mohicans (the 1992 version) been shot in the 70s and given one of those crappy synth scores typical of that time instead (like what you'd hear in some of the Dirty Harry movies). It would have ruined a number of scenes, the least of which being the grand finale at the end.

    When I listen to scores, I use them either as background noise in my room, or to set the mood when I am writing. I rarely think about the movies the scores or soundtracks are from while listening to the music on its own. Is that normal? Do people usually think of the movie their music is from when listening to scores?

    The Gladiator score by Hans Zimmer was fairly popular in my high school when that movie came out. Seems a lot of my class mates had gone out and bought the score, often without also buying the movie. I did like that score but don't think it was Hans Zimmer's best work (for that I would have to go with The Peacemaker score).

    I was surprised Thomas Newman's score for The Road to Perdition didn't do better as a commercial release. I thought that was Newman's most brilliant score yet composed. Murder (in four parts) and Rain Hammers being some of my favorite tracks from it. I think it was a huge mistake to include the tracks by The Charleston Chasers and Chicago Rhythm Kings on the score. Though I am sometimes a fan of "hot jazz" and have a collection of pre-war race records myself, they just don't fit in well with Newman's modern tracks. It's like listening half way through Paul Hindemith's Trauermusik and suddenly finding that someone had secretly spiced in Samantha Fox. It just doesn't work!

    I saved Danny Elfman for last in talking about scores for a reason. I know everyone is going to expect me to say something about The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, or maybe Corpse Bride but I'm instead going to talk about Sleepy Hollow. I always saw this as somewhat of an up-beat collection of tracks. I had to stop listening to it in my car because I kept finding myself unintentionally speeding to it. It's plays a bit differently from Newman and Zimmer. I seem to have to be in a different mood to listen to Elfman instead of them (and vice versa). I am going to guess what separates Elfman's works is his use of strings. There's just something about them that, in the context of the rest of the pieces, gives them more of a piercing quality that seems to build up the direction of the music. The rawness of parts of it (for instance The Church Battle), on some level, almost reminds me of Hitchcock's Psycho.

  • Love Songs

    10. Feb. 2010, 7:12

    Here's my top 50 list for my favorite love songs (of any genre). Most don't seem to be "playable" on tho.

    In no real order:

    Theatre of Tragedy - A Distance There Is
    Abney ParkLove
    Advent SleepLookaway My Love
    BloodflowerzDead Love (A Necrology)
    BloodflowerzSeason of Love
    Catastrophe BalletLove Is Dead & Death Is the Only Love
    Catastrophe BalletLove Ain't Dead... It Was Just Asleep
    Catherines CathedralSeeing is believing
    ChandeenIn Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
    CelluloideIn Power We Entrust the Love Advocated
    The GatheringIn Power We Entrust the Love Advocated
    Dead Can DanceIn Power We Entrust the Love Advocated
    Type O NegativeBlack No. 1
    Cinderella EffectBlack No 1
    Love Like BloodBlack No. 1 (Type O' Negative)
    Clan of XymoxLouise
    Clan of XymoxAgonized By Love
    Daniel AshThis Love
    Deine LakaienLove Me To The End
    The Eden HouseReach Out (feat. Evi Vine)
    ElisMy Only Love
    ElisForgotten Love
    EmpyriumLover's Grief
    FunhouseCry for Love
    Ghost DanceThe Grip of Love
    Girls Under GlassLove Is ...
    Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart
    LacrimosaSeele in Not
    LacrimosaRoad To Pain
    London After MidnightLove You To Death
    Lydia LunchI Fell In Love With A Ghost
    Mortal LoveI Want to Die
    Mortal LoveAdoration
    Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsHenry Lee (feat. PJ Harvey)
    Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsDo You Love Me?
    The ProphetessEmbrace My Love
    RhombusLove You 'Til Closing Time
    Sanguis et Cinisunconscious lovesong
    The Sins of Thy BelovedAll Alone
    The Sins of Thy BelovedWorthy of You
    The Sins of Thy BelovedThe Kiss
    Siouxsie and the BansheesMelt
    Skeletal FamilyLove, Hope, Despair
    Type O NegativeLove You To Death (Album Version)
    UntotenKiss Your Heart Out
    45 GraveBad Love

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