• persian music in recent years.

    16. Nov. 2011, 15:16

    first of all,i'm gonna talk about rock music.
    pop music is doomed in iran.that's all.
    in my opinion,persian rock started with Kourosh Yaghmaei.although i'm not that old,but i did a lot of investigations and all led to kourosh yaghmaei.
    Farhad mehrad,Fereidoon Foroughi and others that i don't remember right now were pioneers of 70's persian rock,inspired by bands like pink floyd,camel and other 70's classic rock bands.
    although the golden rock's age of iran didn't last too long.
    after the 1979's Islamic revolution and mullah's came,rock music banned.
    bands collapsed,female vocals (even back vocal) banned,veteran artists immagrated to foreign countries.
    in one sentence,persian rock collapsed.
    for almost 20 years,there was no sign of rock music in iran.
    even if they were some bands,they all played in silence and for themselves.
    but in recent years,with the help of internet and mass media,we saw a lot of progress in persian rock's like,all these years of silence just made them stronger.
    now we see bands coming out of everywhere,playing with the fear of arrest by the government someday.
    the best persian band that satisfied me was Mirza.
    they play blues and guitar solo's and vocals are amazing.
    there is O-Hum,a progressive rock band with classic persian poetry.
    Rana Farhan is a strong female vocalist,playing jazz,blues and rock in the united states.
    in the end,we have a long road to restore persian rock,and it will be starting when new government is born.
    this is from

    Rising Faces in Iranian Rock/ Metal Music:

    The following samples a list of homegrown Iranian rock bands, mostly active in Iran. Some are approved by the government, other continue to operate underground because of the restrictions imposed by The Ministry of Islamic Guidance.
    127, One of the first Iranian rock bands that toured the USA. Their music is a mixture of rock,jazz and Iranian melodies.
    Agah Bahari, who has been collaborating with Derek Sherinian, formerly of Dream Theater and Planet X.
    Angband, a power metal band which is first Iranian metal act to release its work internationally through a European label.
    Barad (band), An Iranian folk rock band.
    Buddahead A notable Iranian Rock band
    Kiosk, a country/blues/alternative rock band
    Laleh was nominated with 7 Grammis in Sweden in 2005. She won 3 of the nominations for her song
    Meera: an Iranian Rock band.
    Mohsen Namjoo was an Iranian musician mixing the elements of iranian traditional music with rock
    O-Hum, mixing Hafez poems with rock music:
    The Yellow Dogs Band, A young Iranian underground indie rock band.