am i weird?


9. Apr. 2007, 2:25

I saw this at one of my neighbour's journal and I didn't have anything better to do, so :)

"Get your top 20 artists, and find which of their tracks you've played the most on iTunes/Windows Media Player. Then see where it comes in that artist's "most-played" lists. The lower the track in the list, the weirder you are...or something to that effect."

1. Paper Bag - my favorite Fiona song of all time, so no wonder it is also my all time top played track. Not that weird, i guess :)
Ranking: 1

2. She's Your Cocaine - this song is just like cocaine to me. Addictive like hell, even though it's not my Tori Amos favorite song, once I play it I just have to repeat it over and over.
Ranking: 38

3. Drip Drop Teardrop - This may not be my favorite song from "Super Extra Gravity", but it's the one that I most identify with. Or, more accurately, the one I WISH that I could identify myself in. I wished for a situation that made me feel like the song, or something like that. Thus, I played it a lot. I'm mostly over this feeling, but I still love the song.
Ranking: 17

4. More For Me - Tegan And Sara can be addictive, you have to admit that. Well, I identify a lot with the lyrics of this song, so I guess it stuck. I felt so angry with my job and that I was wasting my talent and blah blah blah. (well, I still do, sort of). Anyway.
Ranking: 39

5. Momentum / How Am I Different - This is an interesting tie. Momentum is one of the most creative tracks from Magnolia and How Am I Different is pure Aimee Mann classic. The first one is a little bit angry, schizophrenic, and the second is just bitter and disappointed. Both of them represent a lot to me, specially their lyrics. It actually surprises me that How am I different is so far behind Momentum in the ranking, because I believe that How Am I Different is so much more her style, in every way. But good thing that fans are open minded. Oh, well.
Ranking: 9 / 28

6. All - The most beautifully written K's Choice song of all time. I have to admit it. It gets to my heart, so deep, everytime I listen to it. My eyes can easily go to tears when I'm sad - or when I'm happy, who knows? Very special.
Ranking: 42

7. Grow Up and Blow Away - This is a little surprising even for me. So at this moment, I'm thinking I'm a little weird myself. This is not my favorite metric song, in any way. But it is addictive, and it is a good song. It doesn't really deserve to be my top track, I guess, since Dead Disco will always be their best. But anyway.
Ranking: 21

8. I Love You - Ah, the cutest Pipettes song ever. Not too many options, though, since the girls only have one album. They are soooo addictive that I must be careful every time I start listening to them... Or else I could end up putting it in repeat-o-mode forever.
Ranking: 10

9. C'mon Billy - This is one of my favorite PJ Harvey songs, and one of the most addictive. Everytime my friend started singing "C'Mon Billy!" I just had to play the song. It just stucks in your head.
Ranking: 28

10. Why Do You Love Me - Another song that just sticks. No wonder it's the first single of "Bleed Like Me", it is a very mainstream song in my opinion.
Ranking: 11

11. Worry About You - 4400's pilot song. I just loved the show instantly and the song stuck. Not my favorite Ivy song, but the one that made me find out about the band. The first of many.
Ranking: 2

12. Go AheadAbsence of God - Two of Rilo Kiley's most cute songs. Beautiful and meaningful lyrics, nice melody and Jenny Lewis' always perfect voice. How could they not be favourites? Specially The Absence of God, the best Rilo Kiley song ever in my opinion. Let's see how weird am I about that.
Ranking: 23 / 12

13. Cheated Hearts - I honestly got a little tired from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because I had an overdose from it. An entire month listening to the new album and to some old songs made me get annoyed by it. Of course I know the songs are good, specially this one, one of my pet songs, even though fever to tell is way better than show your bones.
Ranking: 3

14. Make Me Stay - Angry and passionate. I couldn't believe when I saw how low it ranks. One of my top favourite Ani songs of all time. I feel weird now.
Ranking: +100

15. J'en connais - Ah, Carla Bruni. I just love her singing in french, and this song is specially clingy. Beautiful.
Ranking: 6

16. Drastic Measures - This song is the first one I've heard by Sarah and I just loved it. Repeat-o-mode all the way. Then I got to know the rest of her, which is just as good, but this one is still the most special.
Ranking: 19

17. (This Is Not) A Love Song - Nouvelle Vague just can't get any better than this. Catchy rhythm, nice vocals, ah, this is just their best.
Ranking: 4

18. Good Things - From my least favourite Sleater-Kinney album, my top Sleater-Kinney song. Maybe not my favourite, but certainly the one that means the most to me... lyrically speaking.
Ranking: 38

19. Stay - Oh, this song is so beautiful. I love Sarah's voice, K's Choice is a great loss to the world of good music and still my favourite band. But oh, well, if K's is over, I figured, Sarah's solo will have to do. It didn't disappoint me at all. This song represents the whole album, in my opinion. Poetic and romantic, without sounding tacky. Love it.
Ranking: 3

20. Jealousy - Whip-Smart isn't my favourite Liz Phair album. I'm that obvious with that one and I agree with the ones who think that Exile in Guyville is a masterpiece that just couldn't be overcome. But that doesn't mean that Liz didn't make great songs after that. Jealousy is one of them. Clever, funny, quick - it has Liz Phair all over it. A little addictive, too. And, of course, I saw myself in it. Just a weetsy bit.
Ranking: 32

So, am I weird?