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Über mich

Wretched creatures stretch
Through the hoop again
No fault
Nothing ever gained
Leave it here how time does cover up
What was believed now turned inside out
Grasping hand through frantic air
Clawing upward inching near
A reason
To throw it back down in its place
Crying inward open space
A chasm that feeds itself
Rotting food left on the shelf

Alive yet unaware asking do you really care
Malefic regard with care
Witness hides and lies within

Melting features catch
Through the light remains
The doubt
Comes rushing back again
Pull the plug
Sank lifeless
Power unleashed
Frequent fainting fits
Clasping a dark embrace
Let us not lose our place

Alive yet unaware asking do you really care

Gazing crystal set
Through it be known
The truth
Burning bright inside
As a lamp grows cold
A fixture on the wall
Once regarded
Now bitter rotten flame
Decrepant quarrel
Old gray film
Covers eyelids reaching in

Fleeting image cracks
Moving past the brain
Never to remain
Throw back in the face
Dripping plague
Raging to fuel itself
The parasite one calls itself

Alive yet unaware asking do you really care

Listen as the hours pass
Burn the bridge again
Rebuild nothings quite the same
Split process
Clear cut
A single blade
Retracing the steps so easily mislaid
Knife in my hand
To stab at you and make demands
Discourse at times loses touch within my mind

Alive yet unaware asking do you really care
oh my god my god help me god help me
Witness hides and lies within
Witness hides and lies within

Consequences dictate
course of action
and it doesn't matter what's right
It's only wrong if you get caught.
If consequences dictate
my course of action i should
I should play god
and just shoot you myself.
tired of waiting.