Top Ten Severed


6. Nov. 2006, 0:19

Post your top ten bands/artists, the first song of theirs you heard, the song that made you fall in love and your current favorite.

Einsturzende Neubauten
first heard: Yü-Gung, probably, since it was on AP Presents: Industrial Strength Machine Music which introduced me to a wealth of good bands (and to my everlasting shame, I only bought it for the crappy live Nine Inch Nails track...)
fell in love with: Silence is sexy the title track of the first Neubauten album I bought.
current favorite: Kalte Sterne. a song that i've loved since i got it on Strategies Against Architecture

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
first heard: Wonderful Life, the first track off of the (mostly) lackluster Nocturama
fell in love with: Babe, I'm on Fire, the epic 15 minute last track of Nocturama which blew me away. it's like nick tried to fit the whole world into that song and came pretty damn close--a song that seduced me with its ambition.
current favorite: (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For? partly because i love the music video, and watching Blixa Bargeld stand around on stage with his guitar and nothing to do.

first heard: Anything (Viva!) another discovery from AP Presents: Industrial Strength Machine Music
fell in love with: Butterfly Potion. i found the ep of the same title at a used bookstore and it was that track and disc that solidified my love of J.G. Thirwell
current favorite: Thrush (feat. Jennifer Charles)

first heard: Light
fell in love with: Brute, because I loves me some Raymond Watts
current favorite: kmfdm's version Der Mussolini is the kmfdm track i think i've been groovin' to most lately.

Chris Connelly
first heard: July. Chris played it right before Pigface started their set when I saw their Preaching to the Perverted tour, and i fell instantly in love. I had bought london fields a week or two before but hadn't really listed to it. I picked up The Ultimate Seaside Companion at the show.
fell in love with: see above.
current favorite: Bordell geist, which became or is an alternate version of one of my favorite The Damage Manual tracks Peepshow Ghosts

Sister Machine Gun
first heard: Smash Your Radio
fell in love with: Call It Mine
current favorite: Antagonizer Prelude and The Antagonizer

first heard: Infinite Power aka Infinite Shame
fell in love with: Shell, "oh lord, don't give me what i deserve, just give me something i need"
current favorite: On the Slaughterfront

The The
first heard: Boiling Point
fell in love with: Armageddon Days (Are Here Again)
current favorite: Infected

The Legendary Pink Dots
first heard: A Scarlet Wish
fell in love with: The Grain Kings, specifically the drone guitars in that song.
current favorite: Slaapliedje

first heard:Radio Bagpipe if you don't count the Nine Inch Nails version of Suck
fell in love with: Little Sisters, heck, i love almost all the pigface with Chris Connelly on vocals duty.
current favorite: Satellite

and finally, an 11th band, because I love them so, and they're only 7 tracks behind...

The Damage Manual
first heard: Sunset Gun (303 edit)
fell in love with: Top Ten Severed, from which this post takes its name.
current favorite: I Am War Again

lots of Chris Connely (chris connelly, pigface, the damage manual) love in this list, and I'd forgotten how much music I was introduced to by Nine Inch Nails, forget marijuana, parents, NIN is the real gateway drug.


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