Inspirational Music?


7. Jun. 2006, 4:52

getting ready for a big job interview tomorrow, so I've been thinking about the music that inspires me, that gets me pumped, that makes me feel great and invincible and ready for the world, et cetra, etc. esp. since i've been told that my sense of inspirational music is a little fucked....

first off, there's the music that got me through highschool...
Self Destruction, Final and all the rest of Further Down the Spiral nothing says pumped like "I am the lie that you believe / and I control you / I take you where you want to go / I give you all you need to know / I drag you down I use you up / Mr. Self-destruct" but seriously this song and album is still something I go to when I feel really great and want to celebrate or when I need to get excited about something.

from KMFDM: a newer track that's really grown on me, Der Mussolini (i really need to track down the D.A.F. original... "get up. shake your hips. clap your hands. and dance
the mussolini. dance the adolf hitler. move your
ass. and dance the jesus christ.")
plus some older KMFDM tracks Terror, Wrath (esp. the live versions "Who's the sexy satanist /Who's the manic masturbator / Who's the cryptic constipator /Who is who / Who the hell are you") and Rules (which features the always wonderful Chris Connelly and some of my favorite connelly lyrics (although the list of my favorite connelly lyrics would probably like two pages wrong, but the man can do no wrong.

segueing from KMFDM to the Lord of Lard, there's a few PIG tracks that i always find inspirational: Arbor Vitate (or the Schaft orginal... "my god is good, my god is right... he'll give me what i need tonight") The Keeper of the Margarita (even though it's slow "get down. shut up. get out of my way. don't do what i do, do what i say") and Save Me ("never touch me. never heal me. never hurt me. never save me"). speaking of pig, the Schwein track Lard, Lips, Liquor (Shadows) is another great one.

for Einsturzende Neubauten it's Kalte Sterne ("we are bacteria...after us there will be nothing") and the rest of 80-83 Strategies Against Architecture and then Negativ Nein (live) Installation No. 1 ("it's a rule / disobey"), Headcleaner ("all you need is headcleaner") and NNNAAAMMM ("welcome monsiuer guillotine and his invention, the democratic runs on diesel, blood, spit, semen...")

i can't get enough of Chemlab's Jesus Christ Porno Star ("i am nothing. you are nothing. we are nothing. nothing at all") or Monkey God or the Haloblack remix of exile on mainline (remix by halo black)" ("please mommy... don't make me go see chemlab... i'll take this white makeup off...i'll stop wearing black...")

speaking of Haloblack,the H3llb3nt track Chromed is a great song to get revved up to.

and of course what list of f'd up inspirational music would be complete without a nod to the everlovin' J.G. Thirwell
i could list to his manorexia song Ataxia endlessly on repeat. i love how it builds until it seems like the song is about to rip itself apart.
A Prayer for My Death (and the rest of the live album Rife just pours energy into me.
and then there's one of my favorite early Foetus tracks the racous Today I Started Slogging Again from back when it was Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel.

moving on (or back) to Chris Connelly pretty much all the music from The Damage Manual gets me overly excited, especially (for the purposes of this list) Scissor Quickstep. I also have fallen deeply in love with the track Bordell geist (a kind of acoustic precursor to The Peepshow Ghosts off of lounge ax, bottle, elsewhere '94/'01. another connelly song that made the cut was Drench.

from Pigface it's the always interesting and nerve-wracking remix Satellite - Needle In The Groove Mix and The Love Serenade (I Hate You?) from the Welcome to Mexico... Asshole live album.

obviously, The Young Gods T.V. Sky is a major influence. (see blog.)

for Sister Machine Gun i coul listen to 6.6 : Machine esp. the song Call It Mine. but for my inspiring money very few tracks could be the penultimate and ultimate tracks off of Influence: Antagonizer Prelude & The Antagonizer which blister with energy and animosity. makes me sad that sister machine gun is gone and done although what I've heard of the new Chris Randall material is fantastic.

finally some Nick Cave to finish the list off... gotta include The Birthday Party's Sonny's Burning just because the first line is "hands up, who wants to die?". also good for gettin' my engine goin' is the classic Mutiny In Heaven. last but certainly not least is the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds version of Stagger Lee. Blixa Bargeld's shrieks/screams/whatever are so fascinating and thrilling to me, that i present an (obscene) paper at my college's student symposium spring of '05 about the song and music video.


  • Rosiroo

    Wow, you named an incredible amount of my favourite songs there...great taste!

    3. Jul. 2006, 20:57
  • djgizmoe

    What Rosiroo said. Kudos for referencing Schaft, one of the most unsung projects ever.

    9. Jul. 2006, 22:30
  • netclectic

    that is a pretty fucked up list! i do like the ending though :) did you get the job?

    24. Aug. 2006, 13:39
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