Schwagcast #47 : December 03, 2007 :: Tree Pinions :::…


6. Dez. 2007, 22:15

Independent music from ANEMO, Two Loons for Tea, Robert Lund and Spaff, Scarlatti Tilt, and AjT.
The original Shwagcast AudCast

Show Notes for Schwagcast Number XLVII
Tree Pinions
This AudCast is worksafe.
December 03, 2007
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The original shwagcast OddCast. Now with more cowbell.

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Sleep. Eat. Listen. Repeat.

All songs provided by the Podsafe Music Network.
Check them out at

Hosted by boB, Jerry, and Kevin
Featuring the voice talents of Ken Tankeriss
jerry.mallen @
bobhughesmusic @
Recorded by Phase One Productions; Binghamton, New York
Recorded and Produced in Phase Two Studios

As heard on Schwagcast #47:
"Pray" from the Pray single by ANEMO
© Copyright 2007 Anemo

"Monkey" from the Nine Lucid Dreams album by Two Loons for Tea
© Copyright 2007 Sarathan Records

"Re:Your Song About My Client Delilah" from the FuMP by Robert Lund and Spaff
© Copyright 2007 Robert Lund and Spaff

"The Insect's Party" from the Gathering of the Haunted album by Scarlatti Tilt
© Copyright 2007 Scarlatti Tilt

"Lounge Pop" by AJT
© Copyright 2004 AjT

Schwagcast Banter:
* Fresh Media Works
* 100 Year Picnic (Jeff Greenberg) sings the Schwagcast Theme song
* Get in the fast lane
* Kevin sprains his ankle
* boB is den leader for pack 100
* Jerry's moonshine shenanigans
* boB browns out on plum brandy
* Who's a peer?
* boB does something a little different
* Anemo releases "Pray" in the UK and on iTunes, with an accompnying YouTube video
* Shoutout from ANEMO,
* A random script
* John Simpson inspires Anemo to write "Pray"
* Exit From Main Street Episode #2,
[[ Bed music: "Lounge Pop" by AjT ]]
* "Lounge Pop" featured on Exit From Main Street Episode #3,
* A student tazed in Florida: Don't taze me, bro!
* China arrests 4 hackers for releasing a worm on the Internet
* Sleep. Eat. Listen. Repeat.
* Midnight Mindset project update from Bob Hughes Music
* Herb Curtstreet reporting
* Kevin and Jerry publishes "The Ice Mites" in the Catskill Canister,
* Hiking in the Catskill Mountains
* ... and the rain comes
* We're there for you
* GoDaddy is the new web site hosting provider
* Promo for Quick Hitts,
* Proudly listed on Podcast Pickle,
* Call the Schwagcast Listener Line at 206.222.2684 and leave a message in the form of "If the Schwagcast was a _____________, it'd be a ___________" so we can include your voice on an upcoming Schwagcast.
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