Schwagcast #45 : EXIT FROM MAIN STREET


9. Okt. 2007, 3:26

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Schwagcast #45
October 03, 2007
Exit From Main Street
203.350.IPOD (4763)
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Sleep. Eat. Listen. Repeat.

Independent music from Rob Szabo, Maria Maria, Curious, The Fresh, Snowden, Roy Zimmerman, No Plastic Inside, and Nick Murray.

Show Notes for Schwagcast Number XLV
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All songs provided by special permission from the artists or from the Podsafe Music Network.
"Take a Walk In The Rain" played by special permission from Maria Lager
"Shiloh Nouvel" played by special permission from The Fresh
"Psychadelic Relic" played by special permission from Roy Zimmerman
"Project 35" played by special permission from No Plastic Inside

Hosted by boB, Jerry, and Kevin
Featuring the voice talents of Ken Tankeriss and Herb Curtstreet
jerry.mallen @
bobhughesmusic @
Recorded by Phase One Productions; Binghamton, New York
Recorded and Produced in Phase Two Studios

As heard on Schwagcast #45:
"Trampoline" from A Battery of Tests by Rob Szabo
© Copyright 2007 Rob Szabo

"Take a Walk in The Rain" from the Songs That Sing album by Maria Maria
© Copyright 2007 Maria Lager

"Perfect Girl" from the Curious EP by Curious
© Copyright 2007 Curious

"Shiloh Nouvel" from the Hotel Cafe Demo by The Fresh
© Copyright 2007 The Fresh

"Like Bullets" from Anti-Anti by Snowden
© Copyright 2007 Snowden and Jade Tree Records

"Psychadelic Relic" from Homeland by Roy Zimmerman
© Copyright 2007 Roy Zimmerman

"Podcast Background Music Loops 2 and 3" from Nick Murray
© Copyright 2006 Nick Murray

"Project 35" by No Plastic Inside
© Copyright 2007 No Plastic Inside

Schwagcast Banter:
* Fresh Media Works
* 100 Year Picnic (Jeff Greenberg) sings the Schwagcast Theme song
* Bouncing on the surface of Mars
* New toys in Phase One Studios
* The expansion of off-site mobile recordings by Phase One Productions
* Schwagcast 3.0
* How to support artists you hear on the Schwagcast, and what Jerry will do for you
[[ "Podcast Music Loop 2" by Nick Murray ]]
* Sleep. Eat. Listen. Repeat.
* Shoutout to our Listenervillian Gayle
* Schwagcast Blues Jam (I Went Walkin')
* and podcast transcription
* Other Listenvillian shoutouts
* Henceforth; traversals of the Interwebs
* Hiking in the Catskills
* Rip Van Winkle and the Escarpment Trail
* Parking lot guitar player,
* Exit From Main Street,
* The barn lacks the guitar, and the cowbell
* Penn State football lineup
[[ "Podcast Music Loop 3" by Nick Murray ]]
* Political cartoon
* Herb Curtstreet reporting
* No Plastic Inside bumper
* Shoutout from The Dropzines
* Blubrry podcasts
[[ "Project 35" by No Plastic Inside ]]
* Sabatage Open Rush
* Midnight Mindset project update from Bob Hughes Music
* Jerry and Kevin to have one of their Catskill stories, "ICe Mites" published by Black Dome Press
* On April 1, 2008, Scott Sigler is going to publish, Infected
* Kimmi is doing CD reviews, check out
* Promo for LoveHouse Radio,
* Promo for Comedy4cast,
* Call the Schwagcast Listener Line at 206.350.4763 and leave a message in the form of "If the Schwagcast was a _____________, it'd be a ___________" so we can include your voice on an upcoming Schwagcast.
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