10. Jan. 2006, 21:58

That A-Z of favourite artists thing, cos I can't do the one for songs, too hard. I might pick 2 for one letter if I really can't decide. I might break out into song, too.

#: 2unlimited (release the euro-techno fan within)
A: Air
B: The Brand New Heavies/Bowery Electric (ahh, and I missed Bah Samba as well!)
C: Cocteau Twins (it took so much willpower not to put Cerrone down as well, heh)
D: Deep Banana Blackout
E: Elastica (about the same level as Enigma though)
F: Flunk (even with that guy who mumbles instead of singing)
G: Goldfrapp
H: Hooverphonic (I have hardly anything beginning with H)
I: Incognito (COS I'M HOLDING OOOON TO THE PIECES OF A DREAM. Told you I'd break out into song)
J: Jakatta (Jill Scott and Jamiroquai close runners-up)
K: The KLF (Ancients of Mu Mu)
L: Ladytron (So many great bands beginning with L but Ladytron tops 'em all)
M: Morcheeba
N: Nuyorican Soul (It's the MAW with added Jocelyn Brown who just happens to coincidentally be one of my favourite singers)
O: Osunlade
P: Portishead
R: Red Hot Chili Peppers (Wow I've liked these guys for longer than anyone else on this list)
S: The Shamen (even though they make my chart look lame)
T: Thievery Corporation
U: Underworld (You bring light in, to a dark place..)
V: The Verve (Did you know they're actually shoegaze)
W: Weird Al Yankovic (Of course, everyone loves Weird Al)
X: X-Press 2 (Ah progressive house)
Y: (Oh I don't know. Only got three bands beginning with Y, all of which I only have one song from. But which is my favourite? Hmm,) York.
Z: Zero 7 (without even THINKING. Likufanele is DIVINE)

Hi, don't worry you don't have to read all that junk.
And just thought I'd say how much I love this week's weekly chart cause it's actually accurate this time.


  • giveuptheghost

    Then why don't they? I think he's pretty damn funny when he tries.

    11. Jan. 2006, 1:32
  • davebutter

    Cant beat a bit of KLF!!

    15. Jan. 2006, 20:43
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