Surface to stage - Threshold live


10. Apr. 2006, 9:06

Hi all,

I just wanted to recommend an album I received last monday and since then heard many many times.
It's the new fan release from Threshold called Surface to stage, a live recording from their last tour.
This one was made in the Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland and no single sign tells you that this is not an official release you can buy everywhere.
The sound quality is awesome and the band's playing is absolutely flawless. You also got the classic audience interaction in songs like Opium, so this is not a sterile recording. ;-)
Nearly all of the songs are from the latest album Subsurface (6 out of the 10), the rest covers single songs from Psychedelicatessen, Critical Mass and Hypothetical (2 songs).
Whereas this selection might not be too representative for Threshold's oeuvre, it is a nice snapshot of their current releases and how today's gig could sound like.
Of course, as the CD's length is limited, you don't get any encores, which normally contain other all time hits. But these have been covered on other albums before. ;-)

So now go to the Threshold homepage and buy this album to support such a great band! The price, including shipping, is pretty ok IMHO.
It seems that you can buy this album at other sites, too. E.g. in germay at Just for kicks. You might save some cents there, though I guess that you would support the band more by buying on their homepage. :-)

Now have fun and stay shiny,


  • mon40

    and the lead singer is not shouting at people to go home in between songs like on Critical Energy. Dont forget the accustic Wireless too. That was a pain to get but well worth it.

    11. Apr. 2006, 14:59
  • schmaecky

    Yeah, Mac can be a bit harsh sometimes. I had the pleasure in 2001 when they played in a pretty, pretty, *pretty* small location in Kleve, Germany (InsideOut has its headquarter there). Don't know exactly how much people where there, but it felt like 20. ;-) The gig was (surprisingly [nah, not really]) very intimate and I guess that made some people a bit insecure. So the crowd was rather shy and Mac sometimes seemed a bit irritated, if you know what I mean... The gig was great nevertheless and remains one of my special memories. ~alex

    11. Apr. 2006, 15:34
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