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Adam and the AntsPhysical (You're So) 16. Aug., 17:50
Rosetta StoneSummer 16. Aug., 17:45
The Exploding BoySee You Lieblingslied 16. Aug., 17:40
Love And RocketsSo Alive 16. Aug., 17:36
ArtesiaLe refuge 16. Aug., 17:29
Horace FaithBlack Pearl 16. Aug., 17:24
Naked EyesAlways Something There To Remind Me 16. Aug., 17:20
Passion PlayCaught by the Nails Lieblingslied 16. Aug., 17:16
Ras ShilohUnto Zion 16. Aug., 17:12
Cold War KidsHospital Beds Lieblingslied 16. Aug., 17:07
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  • flashbulbfires

    Hi.How are you? I am sorry to do this, because I hate when bands ask me to vote for them in various contests over the internet, but... i am going to be somewhat of a hypocrite and ask if you can take a minute to vote for us in a contest? our alternative press nominated us for best indie pop band this year. follow the link and vote here: we are under the indie pop category(that is the only category you have to vote under). and please write our name in for the last question that asks which band you want to see play the mile high festival. Thanks so much-

    9. Jun. 2010 Antworten

    Welcome aboard, scarlisle17! Happy listening.

    4. Jan. 2010 Antworten

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