Bands from A-Z


23. Feb. 2006, 20:23

Finally! Ladies and Gentlemen,…the reason why im making such a big deal over this is because I tried posting this 8 times now…BUT here it is…reeeeeeeeeead.

A: the Adicts
B: the Buzzcocks
C: Crass
D: Devotchkas
E: Ella fitzgerald
F: Frank Sinatra
G: the Germs
H: Hole
I: Interpol
J: the Jam
K: Keane
L: Le tigre
M: Misfits
N: Nim Vind
O: Operation ivy
P: Plasmatics
Q: the Quakes
R: the Replacements
S: Savage lucy
U: the Undertones
V: the Voodoo glow skulls
W: Wendy O. williams
X: X
Y: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Z: Zwan?


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