Waking up early sucks...


22. Sep. 2010, 15:58

...but it can get better:

1. Yeah Yeah YeahNew Politics
2. A Million WaysOK Go
3. Phantom PunchSondre Lerche
4. FlatheadThe Fratellis
5. FireworksPolock
6. Throwin’ ShapesMinus the Bear
7. Forced to LoveBroken Social Scene
8. Commerce, TXBen Kweller
9. The Way You Wear Your HeadNada Surf
10. TrinityPaper Tongues

And for the record:

- A Million Ways has the awesomest dance video ever.
- Throwin' Shapes is the best song for working out (after Eye of the Tiger, of course).
- If Forced to Love made the clubs it would totally bring everything down.
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