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EmicidaBang! gestern Nachmittag
Renaud Papillon ParavelJ'aime tonku Gestern um 02:28
Floating PointsKing Bromeliad Gestern um 02:19
Hedzoleh SoundzKaa Ye Oyai - Don't Be in A Hurry Gestern um 02:16
FilastineColony Collapse - Beats Antique Remix Gestern um 02:01
ill.GatesPharma Sutra Gestern um 01:58
FilastineRequiem 432 Gestern um 01:54
Floating PointsKing Bromeliad Gestern um 23:21
Hedzoleh SoundzKaa Ye Oyai - Don't Be in A Hurry Gestern um 23:18
FilastineRequiem 432 Gestern um 23:15
Mop MopKamakumba Gestern um 23:10
Tarrus RileyCry No More (feat. Dean Fraser) 23. Jul., 17:36
Kasai AllstarsYangye, The Evil Leopard 19. Jul., 19:14
Sia TolnoRéconciliation 19. Jul., 19:10
Daniel MelingoAguita De Javel 19. Jul., 19:06
Electro BamakoLobi façon Brooklyn 19. Jul., 19:04
BoulpikAlakanpay 19. Jul., 19:00
Sierra Leone's Refugee All StarsIt's So Sorry 19. Jul., 18:56
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance BandBeyond the Gray 19. Jul., 18:52
Passo TortoHelena 19. Jul., 18:50
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I'm at heart a global gypsy with Slovenian roots. I grew up in Germany and currently live in New York City. No matter what my tag cloud looks like, I'm into anything that has soul and a funky beat. My favorite genres include Hip-Hop (my first love), Afrobeat (a spiritual revelation), underground, jazzy tunes from all-over the globe, all music styles from all corners of Africa (so many treasures), quirky indie bands, female singers from Cape Verde, global gypsy music and its electronically updated versions, global electronic music in all its wonderful cross-pollinations a.k.a. GLOBAL BASS! The world is a big place, free your mind!

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