the shuffle oracle (taken from mrku)


16. Apr. 2006, 21:01

*I edited this because made dumb comments last time*

Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!

1 - How does the world see me?
Song: Who Do You Think You Are?
Artist: S Club
Comment: People see me as a wannabe, like I'm pretending to be something I'm not. Maybe they think I'm a poseur.

2 - Will I have a happy life?
Song: Climbing Up the Walls
Artist: Radiohead
Comments: Definitely not; I'd interpret this as a definite sign that I'll be committed to a mental institution at some point.

3 - What do my friends really think of me?
Song: As Dead as Leaves
Artist: Radiohead
Comments: I think I bore the shit out of them.

4 - Do people secretly lust after me?
Song: Wish You Were Here
Artist: Pink Floyd
Comments: I'm interpreting that as a yes, from someone really into seventies rock :)

5 - How can I make myself happy?
Song: Just Lose It
Artist: Eminem
Comments: I should go crazy, I guess, and go dance forever :) I like that. Or I need to virginity? Ahhaaha sorry...

6 - What should I do with my life?
Song: Run On
Artist: Moby
Comments: Maybe that means I'm supposed to keep moving up in the world, or maybe I'm supposed to travel? Or perhaps I'm just supposed to run a lot.

7 - Why should life be full of so much pain?
Song: The Biggest Lie
Artist: Elliott Smith
Comments: I guess life is so full of pain because people are never honest with each other. Or because Elliott Smith killed himself.

8 - How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
Song: We'll Make A Lover Of You
Artist: Les Savy Fav
Comments: I need someone to...educate me?

9 - Will I ever have children?
Song: Let Go
Artist: Frou Frou
Comments: I guess not :(

10 - Will I die happy?
Song: 5 Times Out Of 100
Artist: Hot Hot Heat
Comments: So that's a no, then?

11 - What is some good advice for me?
Song: Give It Away
Artist: Zero 7
Comments: I think this means I'm supposed to give away my virginity. Ahaha again with this theme. Boo.

12 - What is happiness?
Song: A Week Away
Artist: Spearmint
Comment: I get happiness in a week? Or maybe happiness is just having something to look forward to in life.

13 - What is my favorite fetish?
Song: Erection
Artist: The Faint
Comments: Err...I like erections? But I can't see that as a fetish, exactly. Oh well, it's still a bit funny.

14 - How will I be remembered?
Song: Cold Cash and Colder Hearts
Artist: Thrice
Comment: Umm, okay, I hope not. I don't have a wish to be rich, and I definitely care too much about people to have a cold heart. That's way wrong.

Overall, that was interesting. And definitely a nice waste of time :)

*And now that I see it again so much later in life, it's half embarrassing and half enlightening. But mostly just embarrassing.*


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