The Power of Action, Words, and Music: Lovefest's Interview with Macklemore!


3. Jun. 2009, 22:53

Hip-hop just hurt me so good. It left me with an overwhelming sense of inspiration, encouragement, and affirmation. It reminded me that music and musicians can really change minds, lives, and worlds. I am a big believer in being involved with social justice and community activism, and nothing makes me happier than when these two things are combined with hip-hop to form the ultimate trifecta. It’s rare, but if a musician pulls this combination off with genuine sincerity and commitment, I’m a goner.

It happened with Macklemore, a Seattle-based rapper who just finished a tour with Black Clover’s Grieves and his partner-in-crime and producer Budo. read more, check out

Step Cousins, Evan Roman, Xperience, Don-P, Ryan Lewis, Abyssinian Creole, Blue Scholars, Type


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