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21. Okt. 2008, 22:33

This is a overview of one of my favourite ever albums, Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac.

Tango in the Night is completely contrasting to any other album made by Fleetwood Mac before or since, in the sense that it's got heavy use of synthesisers, and shows the band following pop trends that were around in the 1980's but combined with Lindsey Buckingham's obsessive production and the experimental nature of his work, the album is so sleek that it's stood the test of time far better than other albums of that period.

Big Love
One of my favourites off this album. Lindsey Buckingham's guitar playing and vocals are shown off to beautiful effect, and the percussion is spot on. A really moody, sexy track, and we cannot forget the 'uhh, ahh's' throughout the song. (A nice fact, ha - Lindsey used a pitch changer to give the illusion of a woman doing one half off the groans, when really it was just him.)

Seven Wonders
Another favourite, if not the absolute favourite. This time, a Stevie Nicks number, although allegedly the only line she wrote was 'You touched my hand all the way down to Emmiline', which was a mishearing anyway. An upbeat track, with gorgeous synths inbetween each verse. Stevie's voice sounds so passionate on here, and the huskiness has increased from say, Mirage which adds a lovely dark quality to her vocals.

This is one of the two 'biggie' tracks, (along with the other Christine McVie track, but this one was a 'biggie' in the sense that it was ridiculously successful - #1 on US Adult Contemporary Chart and #5 on UK charts). It's a great track, not a favourite off the album, but that's probably due to it being overplayed. However, Christine has created a beautiful love song as she always does, the twinkly synthesisers and soft drums creating a romantic atmosphere.

Another moody yet sexy Buckingham track, which is basically what he does best on this album. The verses are full of tension to lead to a chorus that is hypnotic and full of impact, especially when Lindsey cries out 'Caro-li-hineee'. A fantastic song, may be a grower for some though, as it is quite different to the style of many other Fleetwood Mac tracks. Once it grows on you if it needs to, however, you'll appreciate it's a wonderful song.

Tango in the Night
Bloody amazing song! It's very simplistic, but packed full of power. The whole song is like a bomb waiting to explode, just building up the tension and creating this atmosphere of Lindsey Buckingham remembering this sunlit ocean or whatever. And that wail in the chorus - 'Tang-ooooooo!' And of course the guitar solo, which is up there as one of his best.

In this album, Christine McVie is right on top of her game, creating beautiful love songs like she does best. This is a heartfelt ballad, with lovely backing vocals and a really sweet melody. Lindsey's voice blends really well with Christine's and gives a real ethereal quality to the song. The subtle percussion and emphasis placed on the keyboards give the song a very 'lullaby' feel which conveys the emotion of the lyrics really well.

Little Lies
Another huge, huge song from Christine McVie. This is probably one of the songs Fleetwood Mac is most known for and it's easy to see why. This is one of the first tracks I can remember, that's how huge this song was and still is! The synthesised intro is so recognisable, as are the 'tell me lies' from Stevie and Lindsey, who as usual harmonise so well with Christine. As commercial as this song is, it's easily one of the standouts from this album, as it's basically flawless.

Family Man
This is one of the more experimental tracks from Lindsey Buckingham. It also differs from the vast majority of his work in that the guitar isn't as dominant in the music as it usually is, which isn't to say that it's not there - because it is. But the keyboards are more obvious. Also, Lindsey once again uses a pitch-shifter (a bit off the point, but his and Stevie's voice's sound very similar when he uses that thing!) The lyrics are very sparse, but create such an atmosphere. 'Mother, father, brother...'

Welcome to the Room... Sara
I love this song! This is a Stevie Nicks track, about her time in the Betty Ford clinic, during the beginning of the recording of Tango in the Night. This explains her very little contribution. But the lyrics are amazing, which is always Stevie's forté. Especially the part - 'Ooh downstairs where the big old house is mine...' Lindsey's production allows Stevie's voice to dominate the song with only slight backing from him and Christine. The melody is very hopeful, as though Stevie's seen the light. (Not taking later events into account).

Isn't It Midnight
A really rock track from Christine McVie, with an amazing chorus, and a slight eeriness to it. Christine's vocals sound great, as does Lindsey's guitar playing. It also is quite different in style to what we're used to from Christine, as the lyrics aren't as romantic, and are far more intense - which is lovely to hear, in my opinion. Okay, I have a slight obsession with synthesisers and keyboards, but in the chorus they do add a lovely buffer from the guitar.

When I See You Again
In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful songs Stevie Nicks has ever wrote, with a very acoustic feel and her haunting vocals taking reign, with gorgeous backing from Christine and Lindsey. Their voices harmonise beautifully as usual. There is such a melancholy feel to this song, it makes me cry actually (why am I admitting this? Ha.) But the wails that are interspersed in the song really do add so much emotion, it's hard not to cry.

You and I, Part II
A lovely closer to the album from Lindsey Buckingham. It's probably one of Lindsey's best lyrical works, and he really does use some great production techiniques in this song - pitch shifter reappears! The melody is really sweet, and nice and upbeat. It's a lovely counter between Stevie's pretty intense songs and Christine's more romantic songs. Plus, Lindsey's voice sounds great on this song. He really is at the top of his game vocally on this album and this song is no exception.


  • aizy_87

    brilliant review! tango in the night is my favorite fleetwood mac album. epic album. totally agree with you on the killer solo of tango in the night and the whole exploding feeling of the song.

    13. Feb. 2009, 8:23
  • TriggerLucy

    Great review. I agree Tango is one of Lindseys best guitar solos, and When I See You Again of one of Stevies best. I always wished they would perform those two tracks live. Tango In The Night is such a unique album, it stands out from other FM albums, something to do with the way the guitars work. My 3rd fave by them, imo underrated.

    14. Jan. 2010, 19:31
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