Day 2


23. Feb. 2011, 21:49

Goodness me. I don't think I've ever put Hunted by a Freak on my iPod and put it at full volume before. Well I know I haven't or else I'd have realised just what an incredible song this is. Rather like Song For Clay and Lounge (Closing Time), you need to risk Tinitus to appreciate some songs. The vocals are very haunting and after having seen them live, I only realised that it is in fact the keyboard player singing through a type of voice synthesiser that manages to make the sound.

I'd also like to record my appreciation for the Ninja Tune XX record label and the large quantity of exceedingly awesome records that they release from their artists. I've lost count of the amount of killer tunes I've discovered from them, such as Jen At The Station and Fools Rhythm. Not really many songs on any of their albums that I'm not liking at the moment.

top tracks

1) Hunted by a Freak
2) Quiet
3) 2080


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