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30. Dez. 2007, 15:06

Because jokes only get funnier when you explain them, here are some notes on this year's Christmas CD, One More Very Stumpy Christmas:

1. Xmas Message - T.Rex
That Marc Bolan, being all cool and groovy. I don't know where this comes from originally, but would guess it's either a fan-club recording or something for the BBC.

2. Back Door Santa - Clarence Carter
Originally from Atlantic's 1968 Soul Christmas compilation and sampled by Run DMC, of course, on Christmas in Hollis.

3. Step Into Christmas - The Wedding Present
An Elton John song, remade in classic all-the-songs-sound-the-same Weddoes style. Released as the B-side to No Christmas in December 1992, completing the band's epic run of 12 single releases in 12 months.

4. Soulful Christmas - James Brown
One of the Godfather of Sole's liveliest Christmas tracks, presumably taken from 1968's A Soulful Christmas album, back when he released about seven LPs every week.

5. Greetings From Beverley's - Frank Cosmo
One of the many excellent tracks on the Trojan Christmas Box Set. The more vigilant among you will have noticed that this is more a of a New Year song than a Christmas one. Refunds are available.

6. Maybe At Christmas Time - Drugstore
Isabel Monteiro, the lead singer of mid-'90s indie also-rans Drugstore, is Brazilian…

7. Presente de Natal - Joao Gilberto
…as is bossa nova legend Joao Gilberto. (See what we did there?)

8. Merry Christmas Emily - Cracker
David Lowery, also of Camper Van Beethoven, doing his always-entertaining psychedelic white trash bit. He's one of my very favourite songwriters.

9. Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' - Albert King
More seasonal rhythm 'n' blues bawdiness, this time from Stax's 1992 It's Christmas Time Again compilation. I just came across a better version of this song by Mack Rice. Oh well.

10. Santa Claus - Throwing Muses
I'm not sure if segueing from the previous track into this nightmarish Kristin Hersh song, from 1989's Hunkpapa album, is funny or just disturbing. Either way, it works for me.

11. She's Coming Home - The Wailers
A seasonal '60s garage-rock classic, lifted from Sonic Boom's excellent Spacelines compilation.

12. My Christmas Prayer - Saint Etienne
The B side to I Was Born on Christmas Day, the 1993 single that appeared on our 2005 compilation, Another Very Stumpy Christmas.

13. Christmas Time - Smashing Pumpkins
Baldie Billy and the Pumpkins at their pompous best, on a beautiful track recorded for 1997's A Very Special Christmas 3 compilation.

14. Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) - Asobi Seksu
A cover of the Ramones classic featured on our original compilation, A Very Stumpy Christmas. Thanks to Brian for the track.

15. Silent Night - Bass Trip
I love the idea of Christmas carols done in an acid house style but I may be in a minority. This is taken from Streetbeat's 1997 Acid X-Mas compilation, from whence came the DJ Demonixxx track -- Carol of the Bells (A Demonic Christmas) -- featured on last year's compilation.

16. Former Christmas Carol - Erik de Vahl
I don't know much about this one but it's pretty -- some Swedish bloke, apparently.

17. Jingle Bell Rock - The Muppets
Stumpy Moose loves the Muppets.

18. X-mas Curtain - My Morning Jacket
Another mournful MMJ track that, upon closer inspection, appears to be only loosely connected with Christmas. But it's a pretty tune.

19. Looks Like Rain Dear - Team 9
A mash-up! How delightfully early-2000s!

20. Honky the Christmas Goose - Johnny Bower
The retired NHL goaltender gets in touch with his inner child.

21. Child's Christmas in Wales - John Cale
It gets no Welsher than this. The former VU man does Dylan Thomas. I like this even if Woody doesn't.

22. Santa Claus - Jerry Clayton
Features on a 2000 Buffalo Bop compilation called Rockabilly Xmas, apparently. I love the sleigh bells.

23. Xmas Bubblegum Machine - Sultans Of Ping F.C.
Or possibly just Sultans of Ping -- I'm not sure. Thanks to Bispham Paul for the track.

24. Purple People (Christmas in Space) - Tori Amos
25. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Tori Amos
Getting the intro to segue smoothly into the main song was a nightmare -- so I didn't bother.

26. Christmas De Chocobo - Nobuo Uematsu
For all the geeks.

27. Stumpy Moose Jingle - Woody
I've overused this badly but it still makes me smile.

28. Happy Birthday Jesus (A Child's Prayer) - Little Cindy
The hardest part of putting this year's compilation together was deciding which track from the A John Waters Christmas CD to use. This was just about the best/worst, I think, but it's a close-run thing.

The Stumpy Moose Xmas compilation will return in: The Last Very Stumpy Christmas
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