I love discovering music


8. Sep. 2005, 14:22

As the titles suggests - I love discovering music. In my head the analogy I have is one that likens me to a sad lonely soul that spends his spare time on a rainy day sweeping a metal detector through the air systematically over a silty sanded beach.

The only upshot to all of this is that every once in a while I discover treasure, and recently I discovered the beautifully crafted sound of Apparat.

It may rain be cloudy and dull most of the time in England, but I'm happy.


  • tigermol

    It doesn't rain most of the time in england. It is myth that people like you put out there to stop people coming here. :-)

    9. Sep. 2005, 7:38
  • samaaron

    There you go Jenna, fixed :-)

    20. Sep. 2005, 13:12
  • alphalogic

    If you like Apparat, you will probably like Napoli is not Nepal, too

    2. Dez. 2005, 22:38
  • Characi

    But I guess what you like is Plaid and Arovane, mainly. Good choice I think :)

    21. Mär. 2006, 17:18
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