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Tony BanksCharm Gestern um 12:12
Chris & Coseythis is me 1981 Gestern um 12:03
Brian BriggsAeo (Part 1 & 2) Gestern um 11:57
Jack DixonYou Won't Let Me (Synkro Remix) Gestern um 11:27
Max CooperAutomaton feat. Braids (Jack Dixon Remix) Gestern um 11:21
Low ConceptBugz (Jack Dixon's Inspector Love Remix) Gestern um 11:14
SophieHARD (OUT NOW ON NUMBERS) 18. Sep., 23:50
Dog BloodMiddle Finger 18. Sep., 23:16
Za ZaDschungel Liebe 18. Sep., 23:05
Touré KundaEmma 18. Sep., 23:01
Cat StevensWas Dog A Doughnut 18. Sep., 22:48
Incredible Bongo BandLet There Be Drums 18. Sep., 21:22
Gal CostaPescaria 18. Sep., 21:19
KowalskiUltradeterminanten 18. Sep., 21:13
Guem & Zaka PercussionLe Serpent 18. Sep., 20:10
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  • Heatherkins92

    Not that I was checking up on your or anything dearest BUT I did notice that you have exactly 3333 artists in your library. Thus meaning that you are beating me by 210. Clearly I have not been HypeM-ing enough recently. I also note that we are now, according to, SUPER compatible. Now, if only our children (I'm hoping for two!) are super compatible then we can be one big happy Chad's family... (P.S I'm still up for swapping children, I'm sure we won't be the first to do so and if we end up with a child who likes radio 1 then I will be a less than sympathetic mother). P.P.S Just thought, we should make them mix c.d's for when they start Chad;s...

    19. Apr. 2012 Antworten
  • Heatherkins92

    Yay! It's nice to know someone likes Watkins :-) As expected we are only high compatability, we shall have to do a music swap! You can help to expand my knowledge of electro and I shall try to persuade you to enjoy some chillwave/lo-fi/dream pop/shoe gaze or other such similarly pretentiously named genres.

    29. Okt. 2011 Antworten

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