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Alice NineEraser Lieblingslied 11. Dez. 2010
MiniAre U Ready? Lieblingslied 11. Dez. 2010
PixiesMonkey Gone to Heaven Lieblingslied 11. Dez. 2010
Aki ToyosakiCagayake! Girls (TV Size) Lieblingslied 11. Dez. 2010
福原美穂LET IT OUT Lieblingslied 11. Dez. 2010
土屋アンナrose Lieblingslied 11. Dez. 2010
GP BasicGAME Lieblingslied 10. Dez. 2010
태양Where U At Lieblingslied 10. Dez. 2010
지오, 낯선O-IWI-O Lieblingslied 10. Dez. 2010
TEEN TOP박수 (Clap) Lieblingslied 10. Dez. 2010
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Über mich

- HELLO !! Konnichiwa !! Anneyong !!
- Minna-san ~ My name is Íris and I live in Belgium, but I'm 100% portuguese !
- The reason I started to listen to Asian music is because when I started to watch Anime, I loved the Opening and Ending songs ! So I got curious, and it's because of that curiosity that I LOVE ASIAN MUSIC to the point of death ! xD
- I'm a huge fan of manga, anime, dramas, asian movies and anything ASIA related, and music is a really big part of that asian cake that I love :) I hope you like my profile and continue to enjoy the wonders of asian music, JRockes, KPopers, everyone is the same here !

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