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Michael LingtonCall Me Late Tonight Lieblingslied 15. Mai. 2012
Pieces Of A DreamIt's Go Time Lieblingslied 15. Mai. 2012
Michael LingtonTwo Of A Kind Lieblingslied 15. Mai. 2012
Stan BergerTrust In Love Lieblingslied 15. Mai. 2012
Norman BrownThat's The Way Love Goes Lieblingslied 15. Mai. 2012
RippingtonsShe Likes To Watch 15. Mai. 2012
Michael LingtonDon't Go Lieblingslied 15. Mai. 2012
NilsPacific Coast Highway Lieblingslied 15. Mai. 2012
Rich BrownSanctuary 15. Mai. 2012
Cindy BradleyOn Solid Ground Lieblingslied 15. Mai. 2012
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  • saipanJazzerTM

    June.12,2012 GMT - 13:40:p.m.DST, South Western Pacific Northern Mariana Island,Saipan To: Team/Last.FM Team, Hi!!! how you doin today! hope everybody injoyin in the world of music especially groovin chillen upbeat sounds of Jazz and hey! thank you for you guyz assistance to make it clear about security updates and resetting my passwords , Anyway thanks to make it clear my emails and the connections of Last.Fm to my Windows Live !But only onething is my concern is WHY???Last.FM websites is has a massive Buffering desturbances in every music off / on,off/on?why? is theres problem of my internet connectivity?is this becuase connection is not strong?I'm just try to figure out today while i'm on way to process my updates to my email i a matter of seconds only so! meaning my connection is averages,Is there any remedy to troubleshoots to stop buffering so i could injoy good music on my Last.FM Profile is anybody can give good idea.Thanx!

    12. Jun. 2012 Antworten
  • saipanJazzerTM

    Thank You! to all beautifull people of LAST.HQ and to give me a rides!!! of variety of music and sounds WILL ! . . I.....Really Lovesss Upbeat Jazz / Uptempo Jazz ! Will speaking Blend and Flavoured smooth jazz is the best..... Thanxz!

    15. Mai. 2012 Antworten

    Welcome aboard, saipanJazzerTM! Happy listening.

    13. Mai. 2012 Antworten

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