Song Of The Day - 15 Oct 2008: Hotel California (AotY 1976)


22. Okt. 2008, 10:02

Eagles / Hotel California / Hotel California (1) / Dec 1976

sablespecter's Album of the Year for 1976 (RDF: 88.9%)

I really should have saved this selection from the album for a time when I could give it a more thorough treatment, but how could I not pick the title track as the SotD when I announce the album as the AotY? It's a definitive classic. As much as I'd love to think Iron Maiden pioneered the triple-guitar attack, Eagles are likely the first to have achieved major success with it, especially with this album with the addition of Joe Walsh after the departure of Bernie Leadon.

Is it 6 O'Clock yet?

Rounding out the Top Five of 1976 (in order of descending RDF):

Scorpions: Virgin Killer (88.9% RDF): An RDF tie with the AotY, but not a favorite for as long.

Rush: 2112 (83.3% RDF): The third of my personal Top 3 Rush albums, along with Caress of Steel and the AotY 1974. The five red dot tracks cover 91% of the album.

Rainbow: Rising (83.3% RDF): My favorite Rainbow album.

Thin Lizzy: Jailbreak (77.7% RDF): A good year for them with two-in-one, which had become a very rare thing for bands to do by this time.

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order by band/artist name):
The Alan Parsons Project: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy
Blue Öyster Cult: Agents of Fortune
Electric Light Orchestra: A New World Record
Journey: Look Into The Future
Judas Priest: Sad Wings of Destiny
Kiss: Destroyer
Led Zeppelin: Presence
Steely Dan: The Royal Scam
Steve Miller Band: Fly Like An Eagle
Thin Lizzy: Johnny The Fox

Is your favorite album from 1976 on this list? Are there any others you would add?

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  • sablespecter

    RE: HC on vinyl. See this listing. German-made from a high-rated seller in Canada. So an import but it is an Asylum 1976 gatefold edition in apparently very good condition for only $13.80. GEMM is my favorite place to buy vinyl. I've found a number of good things there. Post-script on [i]Virgin Killer[/i]...have you heard the latest flap over the original album cover? I know Grant likes Wikipedia, too, but don't know if he contributes anything. Wonder if it has been slow generally over there. Should post a SotD entry about this to start a conversation. Maybe about controversial album covers. A follow-up to that entry earlier in the year over objectionable lyrics. [quote]Why, why WHY did The Boys Are Back in Town have to be so overplayed??[/quote] That's what turned me off to Thin Lizzy for so long! Between that and the title track, I was close-minded and rejected them outright. My bad! [quote]Royal Scam My favorite album from the Dan. It's so dark and sarcastic...[/quote] Ditto. Exactly why this is my favorite of theirs as well. [quote]except Technical Ecstasy...[/quote] I think we talked once before about TE, didn't we? Or maybe it was [i]Never Say Die[/i]. I think I made the case for a few tracks, like You Won't Change Me, my favorite from the album. Those last two Sabbath albums truly are only for the most open-minded of their fans, though. But that includes you, doesn't it? You like other typically-dismissed "Sabbath" albums like those with Tony Martin, don't you? Even I have never listened to Forbidden... [quote]...and the contributions by BOC...[/quote] So are you not a fan of BÖC generally? If so, then that's understandable. But if so, why don't you like AoF? Is it because of side 2? I can see that, but I love tracks that are never heard, like Tattoo Vampire and Morning Final. [quote]... and Journey[/quote] The first three non-Steve Perry albums are for fans of the deep catalog, and "growers", well, a lot of jazz actually. There are some really amazing instrumental performances on these albums, though, which was the real focus before the awesome vocals of Steve Perry became such a central element (the biggest element?) of their popularity. Three great tracks from this album in particular are On A Saturday Night, Anyway, and Look into the Future. And of course, the George Harrison cover! Speaking of George, I don't think I know a single thing about that album beyond This Song. And have I confessed before (I think I did) that I know nothing of Camel? I mean, I know who they are, but not the music. Your comment here gives me a good place to start! [quote]this incredible build-up, which is darn near orgasm-inducing. Now there's a term I don't often use when describing music...[/quote] Which implies that you sometimes do? :D For which else? Is a listening session for such-described kind of like that scene in [i]When Harry Met Sally[/i]? "I'll have that album she's having..." The Thin, White Duke *knows* his fans are enjoying themselves! Mega-Mondo-whatever indeed! (No wonder you're torn...) [youtube][/youtube]

    9. Dez. 2008, 16:35
  • sablespecter

    RE: controversial album covers...OK, look for it sometime this winter. [quote] have you to thank for introducing me to Tony Martin-era "Sabbath"[/quote] <beaming> with the 90s AotY, you must have liked what I had to say about Martin-era Sabbath generally? RE: BÖC live recordings. I do love the live recordings! (Tough question: which one do you like best?) They're not in the AotY lists because live albums aren't eligible, but BÖC live albums are among my favorite of all live albums. (But any BÖC albums are among my favorite albums!) I don't know that I like them better than the studio recordings because for any band I generally prefer studio to live, but it is a definite strong case for BÖC. Mainly because when they play live, Buck takes several opportunities to stretch a song waaay out with excellent guitar work, and on others Eric develops the story line of the song even further. (One of my favorites of all is the highlight of the [i]Long Day's Night[/i] DVD: the extra-long version of "Then Came The Last Days of May") I think when you play live, you have to do more than rote recreation of the studio versions (and beyond just one guitar solo and one drum solo). You have to stretch and reshape the songs to give everyone something different from what they hear on the albums. And BÖC have always been one of the very BEST at doing that, and still are after all these years. I was very disappointed that Buck fell at home back in December and our show was one of three postponed. Looking at their current tour schedule and all the additional cancellations, I have a feeling they might eventually just cancel and give us our money back, or else not get here before summer :'( RE: the lawsuit over "He's So Fine" and "My Sweet Lord" - yes! In fact, I even brought that up in class one night back in the fall when we were discussing the Beatles and we could play them back-to-back so everyone that didn't know about it could hear the similarities! [quote]why did I assume that you'd just breeze by that comment? Now here you are, probing me for more info[/quote] (!!!) Nah, just taking a chance to inject more sophomoric juvenile humor! >:D

    27. Jan. 2009, 5:44
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