Song Of The Day - 30 Aug 2008: Send Her My Love


30. Aug. 2008, 19:49

Journey / Send Her My Love / Frontiers (2) / Feb 1983

[This is the last entry for "mini-manic week" courtesy of my Zune. See here for full details.]

And an appropriate selection from the 80s heydays of Journey, since I go off in another hour for my 20th High School class reunion! The years have slipped by so quickly, and yet a lot of the music from that time doesn't feel like its 20+ years old.

The timing is not only appropriate because of tonight's event. Looking back over the entire run of the SotD journal, I see that I have chosen a Journey track only twice (here and here), and despite the number of times that I have professed that Steve Perry is one of my Top 3 favorite vocalists, neither of those selections featured Steve Perry. Can this really be possible? I guess it just goes to show that (1) it's a big world of music out there and (2) you tend to take for granted a lot of your favorites.

So, I'm happy to have a selection featuring Steve Perry to mark the occasion of tonight's event, sort of a return to the past when we heard quite a lot from him. And since I tend to remember the music linked to special events, I'll be easily able to recall that a Steve Perry-era Journey track was the song selection for this day/night.

\m/ (♥_♥) \m/


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