Song Of The Day - 20 Jul 2008: Lay Down


22. Jul. 2008, 1:59

Priestess / "Lay Down" / Hello Master (2) / Jun 2006

Though I first chose a SotD from this band just a couple of months ago, they figured prominently almost three months prior to that in my first Guitar Hero experience, since it was one of the first songs I completed successfully! At that time, I decided to buying into GH myself before too long.

I still don't have GH quite yet, but took care of the necessary first step over the weekend with the arrival of the Wii (so, yeah, kids' wants and family interest won out over upgrading to the Xbox 360). Not the easiest system to get ahold of, but this time of year is kind of slow for stuff like that so you can find 'em without too much trouble right now.

So, I'm a full day late again, but now due to an obvious distraction!

\m/ (ò_ó) \m/


  • GrantRS

    Mmm, Guitar Hero, I first played it in January this year, GH3 it was. Haven't bought it yet, but I have an Xbox360 ready to playi tor Rockband with. Thing is though, I'm Grade 6 electric guitar and capable of playing above that level myself, so the guitar part doesn't appeal that much to me, I'm much more interested in the drums offered by Rock Band and future Guitar Hero installments. The guitar part will be fun too, but I wouldn't buy it for the guitar alone. I have had a load of drum lessons, but I never really progressed that far skill-wise, so I'm thinking it'll be a good way to build on the skills I've started. For me, the questions now are whether to go for Rockband, RB2 or GH4. Rock band's tracklist just blows me away completely, but last time I checked GH4 didn't have theirs unveiled. They do, vitally, have the nicer drumkit lined up though. Thing is, Rockband may well be bringing out a new one soon anyway. Also, living in the UK, everything seems to still be nearly 2x the US launch price for RB1, with no definite release dates for the sequels.

    27. Jul. 2008, 18:29
  • sablespecter

    Yeah, I understand your position on the "guitar-ish" games: that it's just not the same. All you true players seem to agree on that. It's just fun for all us wannabes! Maybe you REAL players should try Guitar Rising (think I may have highlighted that before? sorry if so) I haven't seen a track listing for GH4, but given the strength of previous lineups and the fact that LOTS of bands (actually, the BIZ, too) are catching on to the demand for this (exclusive tracks for the games NOT on the CDs??? - completist's nightmare...), I gotta think it will be good. Living in the UK, isn't EVERYTHING twice the US price? (Well, of course it is for *us* with our now weak-ass dollar...we have to multiply ALL UK prices by two. I still get better prices on some CDs direct from Amazon UK though, even with the conversion and shipping, than I do with imports pricing from Amazon US e.g. the new Whitesnake 30th Anniversary 3CD set...)

    28. Jul. 2008, 20:08
  • GrantRS

    The RRP (recommended retail price, if it's not the same lingo over there) for RB1 with everything included is £180, but amazon offer it cheaper around £135, which is still higher than the US launch price, I believe. Don't know what they charge for GH3 in the US, but I think that's only about £60 here all included. Guitar Hero is still fun for us Guitar players, but IMO not worth the asking price without the drums element. // I think I've read about this Guitar Rising before, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. You can get free tablature programs on the internet that do all of that already except for telling you your score. Then there's the consideration that this will strip away the option to play collaboratively with friends who can't play the real instruments and don't have the patience to learn.

    31. Jul. 2008, 21:19
  • sablespecter

    Yeah, you are paying more than here! RE: "who can't play the real instruments and don't have the patience to learn" Ah, or the TIME! I would love to learn and do have the patience, but doubt I'd be afforded the luxury of yet ANOTHER hobby while being a part of this busy family!

    7. Aug. 2008, 20:51
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