• sablespecter

    [quote]I remember that Baz tried out for VR back in the beginning and they turned him down saying they'd sound too much like Skid Row[/quote] Ah, nice scoop there! A bit of trivia I did not know...but I wonder if that would really have been true? Seems to me that the sound of Skid Row was more than his voice, but I can kinda see what they meant. [quote]Do you have Angel Down?[/quote] Ah, I knew when I posted this someone would probably call me out on that: no <sheepishly> Just one of those that I haven't gotten, too, yet. But I have heard other people say the same things about that album and the Axl tracks especially. I suppose it probably makes it apparent that he doesn't really [i]need[/i] to join VR, right? Maybe he could just guest? Well, OK, what I really just want is hearing him & Slash do something!

    12. Mai. 2008, 2:11
  • sablespecter

    Oh, yeah, lemme clarify in case you wondered: I totally believed you that it happened. When I said, I wonder if that would really have been true? I just meant do ya think they would have sounded like Skid Row (or Skid Roses) or whatever? I have my doubts that it would have, but it coulda been something too obvious to get beyond and endless annoying interview questions, to boot. I did see somebody said something in the shoutbox about Mike Patton. And no, I can't see [i]that[/i]!

    13. Mai. 2008, 0:42
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