Guano happens – chapter 3


25. Jan. 2010, 23:36

Mon, 18 Jan – Guano Apes in Krasnodar

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Being on any gig I become to stand in face of choice either to share the energy, catching expression of performers’ faces and being involved in that rock stuff or to have good sound. And it’s a hard dilemma for me.

It is so because sound engineer of the event and its mixer are usually being located at the end of active venue’s zone. So he sets up the sound, obviously, at his position which causes sound to be most pretty at areas nearby.

This time I chose the former way and once the performance fired I started to squeeze myself through the crowd to stage. I’ve succeeded rather quickly being at 3rd-4th row by the 3rd song. But my biggest flow was I chose a left side instead of right. I tend to measure the difference by two videos available for No Speech (see below). Both have not clipped sound so I think they’re representative. Sound on right side by the stage sucked. Major parts were a freaking muffled bass in front and drums in back. There were almost no guitars and vocals, which could be heard only in silent parts. Some song I couldn’t even recognize, trying to figure out by Sandra’s lips. Though there’re new songs and songs from compilations I’ve not heard, so I tried hard.;) Sound sucked and was the very disappointing for me. I mean at right side by the stage. In general in was ok I heard from different people. Also staff told me band’s appreciated the sound too. So I did it wrong, and will never go left at this club (which obviously is not a remedy because of different setups).

As compensation for the poor sound I’ve had an ability to examine expression and look of Sandra, Henning and Stefan. Dennis I couldn’t see because he’d been covered by another members and Alberto been hanging mostly at right side.

Distinguishing person-in-front hairsmell

Been moving through the crowd and getting closer, there’s a rare opportunity to find a free space in front of you. So… so, especially in jumping slamming phases, you’re burying your nose in the hairs of fellow standing in front of you. It’s not so only if you’re standing by the one taller you, though it’s stupid.

So there three groups of people on my way. At the beginning it was about a common boy’s hairdo of about 3 days after wash smell ;) I got a couple of such ones. Than it has became to getting more dramatic. I’ve stumbled on a fellow with dreaded hairdo. That was not very pleasant ‘cause once one of his dreads moved over my nose I’ve quickly realized I got to change position fast :-D The last group was about some girlies in close to the stage rows. Their hairs smelled with Pantene which I’m familiar with ;) So in the end that clue didn’t bother me.

The timeline felt like 15 minutes

00 - intro

I don’t know for sure when have started to use this Japanese-like intro. For sure, I can say, it’d been used in Moscow’s event 2 days before ( closer, further). They must have brainstormed an idea from their major song. Though, it looks original. At least as Stefan showed his style of dragon-kung-fu after the bow ;)

01 - You Can't Stop Me

This was a very beginning. I guess that song, she was not very impressed with the crowd word knowledge. She tried to turn the mic to the crowd and expected them to keep chorus, but it didn’t actually worked out. Then she leant on Stefan shoulder a little, smiling, I guess, thinking something “do that folks ever know words” ;)

02 - Money & Milk

Hey! Добрый вечер! Я люблю вас.

A positive localization which she’s received a flowers right after. Her gratitude has been of rather high pitch :)

It’s a good song with meaning lyrics. The performance was flawless. Good continue.

How you feel tonight? We’re feeling good. It feels good to be here. Last time we played to Moscow, right, and Kiev. Is really beautiful and this now it really feels like all days rock’n’roll.

03 - Quietly

This is the great song and it had been preformed great as well. It has started from a short intro prior to main dissonant riff. Sandra moved in body gestures at the beginning, after she actively started to interact with the crowd bending over them, handshaking and she even seemed to start to crowd-surf but stopped. Also here Alberto did back vocals which positively affected a song. And also noticeable thing is that some weirdo did beer splashing at the end of the song where Sandra’s tee was marked with beer which she could be seen being not very pleased. It hadn’t any negative results, thought, it’s not very respective act itself.

04 - Open Your Eyes

Video is incomplete, so I can’t say exactly whether Sandra been surfing the crowd here. She definitely did because I personally been involved in assisting her to surf, she’s soft ;) But I also haven’t seen this on the rest videos, which is sad in some sort. The crowd interaction and communication were at high level, and it could be a best evidence of. Thought, it’s obvious, anyway. Also here Stefan’s bass slapping is remarkable as they match the record sound.

05 - No Speech

As I mention above this track is my sound quality evidence is left and right sides (first video is from left side). Trying to abstract my view from the quality issues I would do accent on intro and interlude of the song. I think it’s very positive thing band tries to evolve live version of the song with a fluent intro improvisations and that “No-no-no-no…” part. This means they still have some, say, visions and inspirations, which is important. For me, it raises reverse association with Metallica Death Magnetic promo. Something about, they told they did very live-kind record which sounds exactly the same way as the record. What a silly concept.

06 - Pretty in Scarlet

That was performed rather pretty, yeah, in scarlet ;) In video the back girlish singing from the right side is strong. They did well. Interesting localization was You gave me Brobka. What is that Brobka, huh? A very secret local wine replacement, maybe ;)

And again the short interlude improvisation part is remarkable. Though, maybe it was by a hidden sign because Sandra just wanted to wet her throat.

07 - Hives Song

So, it’s the new song. When Sandra been introducing it I’ve heard a “Meow song”, but I think it’s because of right-side-being. Also I didn’t figure out why did Henning and Stefan march, some lyrical correlation?

For me the way it’s been and video, are very Deftones-way performed. Especially, Around the Fur, where its about falsettos, the way she screamed at the ending part and the “O-o-o” as Chino’s breathing-in intro ;) Also Sandra’s vocals here are interesting because of the mix of different kinds of.

08 - Scratch the Pitch

A good song left without a video, also I can’t remember something to say about, here.

09 - Plastic Mouth (Instrumental)

Yes, In fact isn’t not just an instrumental, it’s improvisations over Plastic Mouth. It goes like new-part, plastic-mouth-theme, new-part, plastic-mouth-theme and sound like sort of . And I can it’s not bad being not a fan of the genre. There are song videos from previous events: at Kiev, Ukraine, 3 days back, at Marés Vivas 2009, at Europe Woodstock Festival 2009.

10 - Underwear

This is German Southern Alternative Rock about ;)

Alright, this one, is battle song, it’s really for me. You know, I gotta see all the boys NAKED! So get the shirts OFF! NOW! Take your shorts off, common. Boys! Your shirts OFF! I wanna see shirts! More shirts! You gotta show girl something. ???. C’mon boys. Let me see your SKIN! Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

This is what she were about ;) Dunno about “???” parts, maybe some environmental german phrase ;)

Then she caught one shirts and it’s been an accessory for he dancing, moving, swaging over the audience’s claps and so. I can’t say I like the concept and a song as well, ‘cause it feeds on very ordinary thing. Though, I like Sandra’s vocals here. They’re very interesting dynamically with low-parts and known Sandra’s tricks :) It’s sort of compensation for me ;)

Then climbers’ time has come as Stefan moved over his own cabinet. And after he’s jumped down. Also here that, well-known by certain people, bear been presented. He had been having a hard day :-D

11 - Sorry

It’s another new song. Though, I’ve not found it interesting.

12 - Break the Line

It’s getting hot in here, so take down all your clothes.

She sang in some sweet-soft kind, the sort of post-Underwear effect ;) Then she secretly hinted the audience the song title by asking it Henning and relying herself. I’ve not heard this song before, ‘cause it’s been released on some recent completion though I gotta fix.

13 - Sing That Song

It’d been very rocking thing. Girlies on the right get back-vocals award on the event of represented in amount of time Sandra bent over them ;) Also Sandra did a very low timbre in “why-why-why, why-why must I…” and danced a slow-motion way. Good Sandra :)

14 - Big in Japan

This is a good idea, this is really good idea. I mean I hope you really feel comfortable right here, alright? Is it too hot? (Audience: Yeah) Should we stop? (Audience: No) You haven’t got a second change, I just ask one time. We got to break this through tonight. I really wanna thank you all for coming out here. It’s really good pleasure to play in from of YOU!. It feels good when you’re sweating like we’re sweating. Okay.

Sandra drunk a little water and poured the rest of the bottle over the fellows felt hot.

Boys and girls. So ‘bout our last song. See one and beg and…

After song started Sandra pick one fellow to assist her with the part of verse. She’s succeed with first boy. Then succeed with chorus mass-assisting. But 3rd time she didn’t with some over-excited girlie in right ;)

That was rather energetic performance. Though it’s not one of my favorite ones so can’t add more.

encore part

Then they disappeared, lights have faded out and people started to begging, yelling for encore. Some yelled for Kumba Yo. I’ve heard of this too. But after I’ve checked a video it brought some associations with soft kind of Soulfly since they had (now they do doom shit) some the indian or say, ethnic sing parts. It not about any musical coherence, just an association with certain title. Though the song isn’t actually impressive.

Though, they didn’t perform the song itself. Like in Moscow, Dennis had appeared and sang it a little.

15 - All I Wanna Do

Then, I don’t remember it exactly, they’ve their fair new song. And…

16 - Lords of the Boards

Are you ready for my last song? So, my lovely people, what do you want?

I guess they got an expected answer.

Monitor-seats had been actively used. But it didn’t stop Sandra to chose wrong guy sang some blah-la-blash, then there was a better assistant and some funny again-over-exited girly. Also the crowd has been doing pretty on backing and again girls on right did their pitch. Stefan did a circling angel, which looked funny :) So another pretty performed song.

The Jump

After the main part of last song mr. second guitar Alberto started to do a final act of speaker climbing. He moved over the big left speaker and, seriously, started to prepare the feather-landing-ground ;) This is really extreme and dangerous act, so he must have felt nervous. So after a certain amount of preparations Sandra has claimed “Alberto-oooo… Jump! Jump!” with some sort of teacher inflection who calls a pupil for a duty ;) No, serious ;) There, must be some sort of contract for that kind of acting as a reward of membership, kidding ;)

It even, has some physiological background, of begin responsibility for the health of own idol. It’s about a trust and about being a metalhead. So it’s some pretty weird mix, though I like it. And it’s a respect to ones who help him to land and surf over. And Alberto himself had been seen quite thankful. That was unforgettable :)

Also here’s a strong thanks for guys who shared all that videos :) It really helps to memorize an event long. Check Youtube for more video by late fellows

15th Anniversary Tour

Couldn’t notice that at 2009 was a year of 15th anniversary of the Guano Apes, since they’d been found in 1994. But I guess they didn’t use that title for a reunion tour. People like that kind of divisibility, so it could be useful ;)

So it couldn’t raise me an association with Pixies’s reunion and their 20th anniversary tour. What a nice thing great bands get reunions. Also from those two bands solo guitar players I want to claim similar in some. Henning Rümenapp and Joey Santiago (at 20th Anniversary Tour, Washington, at 20th Anniversary Tour, Washington). Both play yellow Gibson Les Paul guitars (Sunburst and Goldtop). Both are getting balder but still rocking ;) Both are in great well-known band had recent reunion in year on anniversary. So I’m done with similarities. That was the association ;)

Some of my final thoughts of the event I’ll cover in last part.


  • aapcuk

    Sorry is not a new GA song, it's one from Sandra's solo album, that's why you didn't find it interesting xD

    7. Mär. 2011, 15:47
  • saaj

    Then it clear. Recollecting successful solo project the only one comes on mind. Usually ones are nonsense. Also the scenario "hey fellows, I've just written a song but it's not ours, it's mine, will perform on next gig?" looks a little odd to me.

    12. Mär. 2011, 16:04
  • aapcuk

    Maybe that was her condition of reforming...

    13. Mär. 2011, 1:44
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