• Pete Townshend can you hear me?

    20. Feb. 2010, 15:25

    Things were looking up for The Who with their 2010 Superbowl performance and the imminent release of Pete Townshend's musical Floss. Unfortunately Townshend's relapsed tinnitus could mean the end of the road.

    "If my hearing is going to be a problem, we’re not delaying shows. We’re finished."
    - Pete Townshend

    How much can he really hear?
    According to Pete, it was Keith Moon's drum-kit explosion on the Smothers Brothers Show in 1967 that was the start of his hearing troubles. He is believed to be completely deaf in one ear as a result of that explosion.

    During the late 80s and the 90s, he could be seen performing mostly with acoustic guitars.

    "My own particular kind of damage was caused by using earphones in the recording studio, not playing loud on stage."
    - Pete Townshend

    For the Who's reunion tour in 1989, a second electric guitarist was added to allow Townshend to play the softer acoustic guitar and piano.

    "If I make a loud noise on the electric guitar for a second, it takes me ten seconds to recover, and in that time I'm completely deaf."
    - Pete Townshend

    Once again, during the Quadrophenia tour in 1996, Pete stuck mostly to his acoustic guitar.

    When the Who returned in 1999, fans were relieved to see Pete back to playing his typically loud electric guitar, no doubt aided greatly by modern technology.

    However the intensive touring took its toll. In 2002 Pete reported that his hearing has gone almost completely and that he could no longer hear his phone ring.

    In 2006 he told the BBC that he had to take 36-hour hearing rests during the recording of Endless Wire. Presumably he could still hear adequately, for he is credited with "mixing" the album.

    Did tinnitus kill the Who?
    The decline of the Who is often attributed to drummer Keith Moon's death in 1978. However Townshend's deteriorating hearing was probably a factor too.

    "We cut so many of the old songs out and made the mistake not to play more rock 'n' roll. Suddenly we began disappointing our fans by not playing rock 'n' roll any more."
    - John Entwistle

    Pete's loud power-chords was what drove the band's energetic performances. And continuing to perform as they did before would've certainly caused Pete to go completely deaf.


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  • state of the pop

    19. Dez. 2009, 8:02

    The modern pop album fully demonstrates the state of music today. "It is daft to imitate the original classics", proclaim the purists. Indeed, and the voices often sound as fuzzy as those from patrolling heavy-armored vehicles.

    In the 70s, pop music was vibrant and original. Michael Jackson, the Bee Gees, Elton John, and others, added sophisticated layers to their brilliant music. Today it's simply recycled by the same old formula.

    Consider the indictment of Lady Gaga, who cannot hold a candle to these originals. Really, can no one manage to open up a decent singing voice? Today's Rap scene too is densely crowded... and the "stars" are all second-rate talents.

    I blame Disney, foremost, as the leaders who made this plastic, interchangeable style of Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake popular. Most of their records are "corporate products" and they may- at the slightest hint from their vulgar beatmasters- drop their clothes.

    As one despondent listener noted, "these manufactured products aim for sales and not real long-term emotional/intellectual impact on the listener. Jay Sean is really a mediocre talent, without an original bone in his body. Oh yes, he has stamina, and how I wish I could feed his albums to him."

    Jay-Z Alicia Keys Ke$ha Iyaz Owl City David Guetta Akon
    Jason Derulo The Black Eyed Peas Lil Wayne Beyonce
  • The Awful Game!

    16. Dez. 2008, 12:04

    Here's how this works: Use the Last.FM Player to listen to the global tag radio for 'awful'.
    For each song, I give my opinion of whether or not it deserves the "Awful" tag.

    1 Artist: Test Dept.
    Song: Statement
    Comment: A spoken-word Industrial song that tells the story of a street protest. Terribly dull & monotonous.
    Awful or not?: Awful.

    2 Artist: Anal Cunt
    Song: I Went Back in Time and Voted for Hitler
    Comment: What sets this apart are the vocals which sound like the type of noise you'd expect from a dog whose behind is caught in a machine.
    Awful or not?: Awful.

    3 Artist: Jessica Simpson
    Song: I Belong to Me
    Comment: A typical modern pop love song. User Freakofnature03 goes as far as to say "the only song of hers that I like!".
    Awful or not?: Not awful.

    4 Artist: Abruptum
    Song: Turannum Bellux Eventus Alci Exeo Sivium Vitae Carthaginis
    Comment: Reminds me of the weird background sound on FPS games. The singer sounds like a blood-thirsty wolf with a voice like a choking truck. Pretty depressing stuff; especially at the end where everything goes quiet except a lone guitar and the sound of a slowly falling aircraft.
    Awful or not?: Awful.

    5 Artist: Radiohead
    Song: We Suck Young Blood
    Comment: What the hell is this? God have mercy on me! The epitome of awful.
    Awful or not?: Awful.

    6 Artist: The Doors
    Song: The End
    Comment: The words make me wanna bash my head on the wall. Still it's unfair to label this "Awful". Stripped of it's awkward lyrics, this cocktail muzak might just become listenable.
    Awful or not?: Not awful.

    7 Artist: Madonna
    Song: How High
    Comment: Generic, Euro dance pop. Nothing remarkable. Monotonous as hell.
    Awful or not?: Not awful.

    8 Artist: David Sylvian
    Song: How Little We Need to Be Happy
    Comment: Bad voice plus strumming wrong random chords on a broken guitar. Honestly, my dog could play better guitar than this- with his behind. Unlistenable.
    Awful or not?: Awful.

    9 Artist: Slayer
    Song: Angel of Death
    Comment: Wow, these guys seem really pissed off. "It burns your skin, your mind starts to boil", growls the singer. That's exactly how I felt.
    Awful or not?: Awful.

    10 Artist: mizerny
    Song: 0-9
    Comment: I finally hit paydirt here. Presenting the Worst song in the history of mankind. A long series of dull distorted sounds. Is that a stadium full of people clapping? An elephant burping perhaps? Who knows. Pure agony.
    Awful or not?: Awful.

    Final Result: 7 out of 10 Awfuls.

    I am extremely grateful to the Lord for the STOP button. If you do not heed my words, and you listen to this, then God have mercy on you.
  • List of music to listen to

    2. Nov. 2007, 13:48

    A list of Music that I want to hear. I look forward to hearing them when I have good internet.

    real love - regina spektor
    let it be(live) - billy preston
    dear prudence - sean lennon & ?

    magnolia OST - aimee mann
    icky thump - the white stripes
    memory almost full - paul mccartney
    in rainbows - radiohead
    kid a - radiohead
    ok computer - radiohead
    a rush of blood to the head - coldplay
    parachutes - coldplay
    bootleg series IV - bob dylan
    ramones - the ramones

    the ramones
    my bloody valentine

    ----------------END OF POST-------------------


    I have wondered whether I'd like any of Paul's solo albums if I wasn't a Beatles fanatic. Come to think of it, he is amazingly consistent. I can't think of a single solo album that I really dislike. (DEC 2008)

    Nobody played the slide as masterfully. (DEC 2008)

    Remember that Coldplay have strong back-catalogue sales. Building such a series of high-quality albums is not easy. Many recent "promising" bands have faltered after a good debut. (DEC 2008)

    Lost is boring and the faux-hiphop beat-clap is just silly. They probably hoped that with this they could boast of a "hip-hop influence" in their sound. They try so hard to be cool & fashionable. Poor guys. (DEC 2008)

    Coldplay's music is a bit too subtle for most kid's tastes. There are no rock'n'roll heroics here. If only Chris Martin could dance like Justin, he might find an audience amongst them too. (DEC 2008)

    As Martin grows older he'll find it harder to sing the high falsetto songs in concert. With that in mind, there's been a shift towards low-pitched singing on the album "Viva La Vida". (DEC 2008)

    EC badg
    There was an honesty and sadness about the original version. Clapton's style on later Live versions is aggressive and over-the top, which doesn't suit the song. (DEC 2008)

    The Stones were just one of the many blues infatuated bands of the 60s, who thought they were doing something very deep by being influenced by old Bluesmen. No comparison with the innovative Beatles. (DEC 2008)

    Great production. Brilliant use of samples. Genius. (DEC 2008)

    Take your mama is their best. unfortunately the rest is not up to par. (DEC 2008)

    Their first album is their best. But a very consistent band. None of their albums can be singled out as being poor compared to the rest. (DEC 2008)

    It's a pity they didn't make just one more album in 1970. It would've been their greatest. (DEC 2008)

    Understandably the music of the Beatles might not sound special or revolutionary to a new listener today. But just compare their output to that of other bands from that time. They were pioneers and also wrote impeccable songs. (DEC 2008)


    It is natural for kids to feel superior and "grown up" when they listen to difficult and complicated music like Radiohead. (DEC 2008)


    Tried hard to deceive young music lovers with their fake vintage European World War-era look. But style can't survive without good music to back it. (DEC 2008)
  • Guide to George Harrison Albums

    5. Mai. 2007, 12:09

    George Harrison's albums have been divided into 3 groups here - Early, Middle and Late period.

    I've assigned a score of 10 to the best album from each era. The other albums get an appropriate, lower score.

    All Things Must Pass (10) - By far, the best of the lot. Almost every song is good. The only drawback is some unremarkable instrumental jams at the end.

    Living in the Material World (8) - The melodies aren't as strong and the lyrics are somewhat preachy. But tastefully produced nonetheless, with superb slide-guitar work.

    Dark Horse (7) - A strong set of songs, somewhat marred by hoarse vocals, due to Harrison's laryngitis, at the time.

    Extra Texture (6) - Some good melodies and some drab songs. Still quite enjoyable, if you're a fan.

    Thirty Three & 1/3 (10) - Mostly mid-tempo numbers with a shinier production. Classic guitar-work and his most impeccable set of songs from this era of his career.

    George Harrison (8) - A more mellow album with another bunch of good melodies and lyrics. The "Classic" Harrison sound is now no more to be heard.

    Somewhere in England (6) - A decidedly weaker set of songs. The slick production of this era becomes most apparent here, due to a set of uninspired songs.

    Gone Troppo (7) - Harrison shakes up the song mix here and ends up with an interesting collection of fun/silly pop numbers with his typically verbose mid-tempo rock songs.

    Cloud Nine (8) - A number of catchy songs, tight performances, mature lyrics and very good filler material make this essential.

    Brainwashed (10) - Wonderful production and more varied styles than his previous albums. Surely his most interesting album since the first.

    NOTE: An album rating is only comparable to other albums from its era.