The Awful Game!


16. Dez. 2008, 12:04

Here's how this works: Use the Last.FM Player to listen to the global tag radio for 'awful'.
For each song, I give my opinion of whether or not it deserves the "Awful" tag.

1 Artist: Test Dept.
Song: Statement
Comment: A spoken-word Industrial song that tells the story of a street protest. Terribly dull & monotonous.
Awful or not?: Awful.

2 Artist: Anal Cunt
Song: I Went Back in Time and Voted for Hitler
Comment: What sets this apart are the vocals which sound like the type of noise you'd expect from a dog whose behind is caught in a machine.
Awful or not?: Awful.

3 Artist: Jessica Simpson
Song: I Belong to Me
Comment: A typical modern pop love song. User Freakofnature03 goes as far as to say "the only song of hers that I like!".
Awful or not?: Not awful.

4 Artist: Abruptum
Song: Turannum Bellux Eventus Alci Exeo Sivium Vitae Carthaginis
Comment: Reminds me of the weird background sound on FPS games. The singer sounds like a blood-thirsty wolf with a voice like a choking truck. Pretty depressing stuff; especially at the end where everything goes quiet except a lone guitar and the sound of a slowly falling aircraft.
Awful or not?: Awful.

5 Artist: Radiohead
Song: We Suck Young Blood
Comment: What the hell is this? God have mercy on me! The epitome of awful.
Awful or not?: Awful.

6 Artist: The Doors
Song: The End
Comment: The words make me wanna bash my head on the wall. Still it's unfair to label this "Awful". Stripped of it's awkward lyrics, this cocktail muzak might just become listenable.
Awful or not?: Not awful.

7 Artist: Madonna
Song: How High
Comment: Generic, Euro dance pop. Nothing remarkable. Monotonous as hell.
Awful or not?: Not awful.

8 Artist: David Sylvian
Song: How Little We Need to Be Happy
Comment: Bad voice plus strumming wrong random chords on a broken guitar. Honestly, my dog could play better guitar than this- with his behind. Unlistenable.
Awful or not?: Awful.

9 Artist: Slayer
Song: Angel of Death
Comment: Wow, these guys seem really pissed off. "It burns your skin, your mind starts to boil", growls the singer. That's exactly how I felt.
Awful or not?: Awful.

10 Artist: mizerny
Song: 0-9
Comment: I finally hit paydirt here. Presenting the Worst song in the history of mankind. A long series of dull distorted sounds. Is that a stadium full of people clapping? An elephant burping perhaps? Who knows. Pure agony.
Awful or not?: Awful.

Final Result: 7 out of 10 Awfuls.

I am extremely grateful to the Lord for the STOP button. If you do not heed my words, and you listen to this, then God have mercy on you.


  • marshmellow_man

    LOL. I gotta try this now.

    5. Jan. 2009, 19:28
  • super_ruben09

    There's one good song here and you call it awful. It was to be expected though, seeing you didn't classify Jessica Simpson as awful.

    16. Jan. 2009, 23:48
  • super_ruben09

    By the way, Tom Araya doesn't growl, listen to Cannibal Corpse or Nile if you want to hear growling.

    16. Jan. 2009, 23:50
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