Ryan Wick, 32, Männlich, Vereinigte Staaten
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Young FathersGet Started 21. Mai., 4:43
Young FathersDare Me 21. Mai., 4:40
Young FathersJohn Doe 21. Mai., 4:37
Young FathersLiberated 21. Mai., 4:34
Young FathersOld Rock n Roll 21. Mai., 4:28
Young FathersSirens 21. Mai., 4:25
Young FathersRain Or Shine 21. Mai., 4:21
Young Fathers27 21. Mai., 4:19
Young FathersFeasting 21. Mai., 4:16
Young FathersShame 21. Mai., 4:12
Young FathersStill Running 21. Mai., 4:09
Hidden OrchestraReminder 17. Apr., 19:04
Hidden OrchestraHushed 17. Apr., 18:58
Hidden OrchestraVorka 17. Apr., 18:22
Hidden OrchestraFlight 17. Apr., 18:14
Hidden OrchestraSpoken 17. Apr., 18:08
Hidden OrchestraOverture 17. Apr., 18:00
IbeyiFly (Bonus Track) 17. Apr., 17:56
IbeyiChains (Bonus Track) 17. Apr., 17:52
IbeyiIbeyi (Outro) 17. Apr., 17:50
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  • fak3r

    very cool! I need to use last.fm more often, it's a good way to find new music. we've got some overlap on bands for sure, Spoon has been a fav for some time, my good pal in Austin was good friends with Britt, so I used to see him at parties, backstage and such when I lived there. He was pretty nice, but his drummer, Jim Eno was always the nicest guy. I've seen Vanderslice a bunch of times, 'Time Travel Is Lonely' is my fav - he's a great songwriter. If you like those guys, checkout Mountain Goats, Vanderslice records them (him), good stuff. Let's see, lastly, here's a list of recent things (2001-present) I like: http://www.fak3r.com/noise/ and my 'all time' (my lifetime) favs: http://phil.cryer.us/html/music.html code4lib has been a blast, I'm really amazed at the talented folks I've met, as well as how friendly and open everyone is to an 'outsider'. And chat has been too fun. fak3r

    26. Feb. 2009 Antworten
  • Roil_aurem

    check out this exclusive interview & concert video from Battles in Boston - http://www.boston.tv/site/?clipId=447334892

    16. Jun. 2008 Antworten

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