Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill


8. Mär. 2011, 22:58

Lauryn Hill was brought up in the housing projects of New Jersey. My only experience of this environment is through the book Clockers, and the subsequent Spike Lee film. This story is tragedy of crack cocaine dealing set in a poverty-stricken, suburban, African-American community. The paucity of choice facing nearly every character is stark, given their lack of resources. However, although Orange is such a poor community, both her parents were professionals.

I love her first solo album and have done since it came out (in 1998). It was one of the first albums that I added to my library. For the first few months it was on heavy rotation because last thought there were several artists on the album Lauryn Hill. (Featuring Carlos Santana); Lauryn Hill and (Featuring Mary J. Blige); Lauryn Hill.

In it Hill brings lovely tunes together with sharp raps. She talks about the break up of her old band, The Fugees and her personal relationships. She talks of Wyclef Jean, her former bandmate and lover; of Rohan Marley, her baby father; and of Zion, her child. Many of the children of Bob Marley are musicians, but Rohan is a footballer.

I was going to finish up the journal by remarking that she was the real talent in the band, and that it was by far the best of the three Fugees' solo début albums. That was certainly my view before I started researching this journal, and the second half of the statement is true.

However it appears that the album was produced by a collective of musicians with only one getting the credit (cf wikipedia). This situation reminds me of Tuesday Night Music Club, but at least Sheryl Crow's album title was a clue.


  • Babs_05

    I think I bought that Fugees album. I know have the big single somewhere. It made such an impact when it was released. Everything they did was big news (well in my world anyway). Thanks for this, rwitte. A great read and great choice.

    10. Mär. 2011, 23:57
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