Concert Setlist: Def Leppard, Poison & Cheap Trick 7/20/09 @ Verizon Wireless…


21. Jul. 2009, 21:07

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Def Leppard
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  • MetallicaACDC

    Saw the Cincinnati show of this concert package. I was actually very surprised by Cheap Trick (I think I was the only one in the audience paying attention though.) I really enjoyed Cheap Trick and I bought their latest album, which has turned out to be very good. Poison were a bit too predictable for me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Def Leppard were just awesome, loved "Rocket" and their cover of "Rock On." I'd give Cheap Trick a 6/10. Poison a 5/10. Def Leppard an 8/10.

    15. Aug. 2009, 17:17
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