• I cleared my last fm listening profile.

    26. Okt. 2006, 12:33

    I felt like starting it over again. It was getting to big and full of crap
  • Just to say...

    21. Jul. 2006, 9:08

    Guillemots - Through the window pane is one of the best LPs I ever heard in my life.

    Loving Young Folks too.
  • My recommended reading is just lists.

    8. Jun. 2006, 14:25

    I am not much of a journal writer, as far as music goes. I do, however, like to read about other people's experiences and opinions on music. I used to do this using the recommended reading section on this website but, sadness. It is all surveys, lists etc.

    I want to hear newness. Should anyone come across this and be writing great things, lets be friends :D

    In other notes: I heard about a website for unsigned bands to get promoted. This one being different in that it will offer band who don't have loads of cash to promote themselves equally as well as the bands who do. ie, a free website. It isn't quite launched yet but...
    I'll write here again when I heard more.

    and, my god. Page France, amazing. I came across their LP Hello, Dear, Wind (something like that, a few weeks ago, its great. I would certainly recommend any Decemberists fans give them a listen.
    The songs are so simple, I am pretty sure the majority of them are just two chords back and forth right through the entire song. Great music though.

    Also, being dry on finding recommendations here I went in search of new mewsick on
    Most of it is crap, and most the pages crash my web browser but! I did find a couple of bands I like.

    apples apples(on - indie-punk-pop from Canada


    Love Kills(on - who are great and will send a digital copy of their EP if you email them requesting it!

    My first unsigned love, A Ghost Devotion, haven't shown us anything new for a long while. This makes me sad, I hope there is something soon!
  • More on Paavoharju

    19. Mär. 2006, 16:40

    ...I had the strangest experience whilst walking through town yesterday. I mentioned in another journal entry about how good I think Paavoharju's music is. Well I had made a minidisc to listen to whilst I am out and about that included thier cd.

    Anyway, I was walking through town listening to them, enjoying it when I got this real unsettling feeling. I felt like I was still and when I lifted my feet the earth moved from underneath me. All the people on the street were just walking round me and I was there, a rock in the middle of it all in complete stillness, calmness, and peace. Everything else was just rushing by without time to think. For that moment I was the most significant thing in the world but completely unimportant at the time.

    Its good when music induces these kind of thoughts, feelings, (hallucinations).

    Might I add, my only drug is music.
  • Squaking on the bus...

    17. Mär. 2006, 15:59

    Yeah, so I was riding on the bus the other day listening to an Animal Collective mixed minidisc I made, with my headphones in. Leaf house came on. This is a good song, a damn good song and I always get carried away with it each time I hear it. Anyway there is a section in the song about 1 minute in where all this bird squaking loudness builds up. I love it, and I loved it that day. I found my self joining in with them for 5 (ish) squaks before I noticed other people on the bus started to turn round and look at me.

    I guess I forgot where I was for a second. Great when music takes you away like that.

    I didn't "me-ow" at the end though, as much as I felt like it.
  • Ohh Something new

    15. Mär. 2006, 23:08

    Paavoharju - Yhä Hämärää
    Wow. Thats all I have to say (for now) on this subject...

    ...A friend reccommended I give this album a listen, so today I did, and I loved it.

    Not heard something so fresh and new to me for quite a while. I love the blend of ambience and melody, rhythm and pace, and the sweet vocals. When I first heard their first track, "Ikuisuuden Maailma", I thought I could feel a band trying to push their way into Sigur Rós's territory. Although some elements in the sound are similar. I was so wrong.

    I implore you, give it a listen.
  • The Spinto Band

    2. Feb. 2006, 20:55

    So I sat down to watch TV the other day and flicked over to MTV2 for the first time in a long time. There was a live perfomance of Juicebox by The Strokes on. So I started watching.

    Then came on some band I never heard of with this song called 'Direct to Helmet' by The Spinto Band. Oh my, I hadn't heard something new to me that I had any interest in for a long time, especially on MTV2. Its all been NME shite, you know?

    Got hold of thier album, 'Nice and Nicely Done', its great, don't miss out, you should definitely have a listen.

    There is some Audio/Video over at thier website:
  • Kerith Ravine are fucking awesome....

    31. Jan. 2006, 3:09

    Kerith Ravine are fucking awesome. Got the album, Streams of Jettison. Damn amazing stuff!
    I've got a feeling that this band is sort of forgotten. If you own any of thier material. Please don't forget!
  • Stuff and stuff

    30. Sep. 2005, 19:57

    Finally got round to listening to Antony and the Johnsons, absolutely amazing. I Am A Bird Now is a great album, amazing to listen to. Love it.

    Came across a french band called My Diet Pill bought their second album on iTunes, it is great. I didn't expect there to be any music from France that I like, but I guess I was wrong.

    Came across another band called Nickel Creek, country music, really good, just released another LP this year down one member, great stuff and stuff.

    Also came across The Echo Lab a band I am a part of, has had 20 different users on play our songs. Good to see.
  • Month Amazing

    18. Sep. 2005, 12:50

    So I have not written an entry here for a little while, what with going to paris and starting college last week. Have had rather a busy, yet fun, time.

    Anyway, sit down and let me tell you a little bit about the amazing music I have heard over the past month or so.

    First off I came across a great against all odds, and more than successful attempt at an album, Sharpen Your Teeth. I really love this album and I would like to point out, Cat Faces, it really well written and a highlight of the album for me. Yep.

    Secondly, theres these guys who call themselves The New Amsterdams. I think they are just breaking out to a wider market with thier new download EP, Killed or Cured. Love it.

    Of course, towards the end of August we all saw the release of Plans which was great, and definitely had some sort of effect on the charts.
    But, I really, really , don't know but I really, really, REALLY, hope that The Pale Pacific's album, Urgency was not overshadowed by the indie pop giants, Death Cab for Cutie.
    Thier album is great, and faultless. You know how you always suspect there to be one song on an album that is abit weak? Well Urgency does not have one. They are, honestly, all great songs.

    Whilst still in the key of Indie-pop. A band called Snow Machine released a self-titled album earlier this year. I cam across it and loved it. Piano-pop, like Keane cept not crap. Dunno if the two cigarette related song titles were coincidental or what. But whatever.

    Other artists I would like to mention in passing.

    I came across Cat Power on and fell in love with the song He War.

    Kuryakin have a fan BBS now it seems. Its doesn't look very temporary but at least it is something for the English speaking fans.
    Have a look here.

    Still loving, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, can't wait for the new Animal Collective album.

    Came across The Tain, an EP with what appears to be one song spread across several tracks. It is really quite different to what I have heard of The Decemberists on thier LPs and just consolidated my love for the band.

    Hopefully, this information will do for now.
    More soon.