• Finally Church of Misery !

    30. Jun. 2011, 17:11

    Wed 29 Jun – Eyehategod, Church of Misery, Heavy Lord

    I missed Eyehategod completely: I had to take the train and I have to confess that I am not such a big sludge fan. They aren't bad, but having to take 3 different trains here in the Netherlands means that chances are that you will have to stay for the night in some crap-hole place far away from home.

    I hadn't heard Heavy Lord too much before but I can resume their gig in a few words: It was too short ! And that's quite a compliment for a support act; when they stopped i was still wishing for more. In fact the played less time as they should because the show started later, so that instead of a full hour they played only 30 minutes or so... but I would have heart them for hours. Very good, no-nonsense Doom Metal.

    Church of Misery fucking owned. I came specially to see these crazy hippies from hell. They aren't only one of the greatest bands ever but also fucking great professionals. Suto Kensuke reminded me the ghost from Ring, Negishi Yoshiaki was a real demon possessed by the spirit of some evil serial killer. Mikami Tatsuo showed that he is one of the best bassists ever, and not only in the Doom Metal scene.

    Baroeg is a small but very nice venue, clearly specialized in metal, there is even an inverted cross as a permanent part of the stage. The crowd that gathers there does also contain a lower hipster-index than in other parts of the Netherlands. I did however miss more passion, well, starting a pit is of course completely off place, but mates, fucking feel the music, don't just stay there as in your office's cafeteria...

    A longer and more detailed review with tons of photos in my blog:

    Doom on !
  • Satanic Ritual in Zaandam (Aosoth, Shining, Watain)

    14. Mär. 2011, 1:13

    Sun 13 Mar – Death Holy Death Tour
    Shit, because of our dear NS (our very Dutch railway company) the train was late (fucking 1 hour too late) and I missed the French Aosoth. While Watain was the band that I initiall bought the tickets to see (Aosoth was not initially included), Aosoth definitely is a band that I would have gone to see even if playing solo.
    Shining is a group of honest guys. They surprised me by being far less ansgty that what I feared. I confess that I haven' t heard but a couple of songs from them. In any case: a very far cry, conceptually and thematically from the elegantly satanic Aosoth (who aesthetically seem to be close to the Order of the Nine Angles) and Watain. They where not boring, but neither where they a valid introduction to Watain: Not bad, but nothing I would have paid to see solo. And the excessive complains about the missing guitar and how bad the stage was where not a good excuse at all. Mates; I have seen Wolfes in the Throne Room without a bassist and it was fucking impressive... and they didn't complain one single time. But guess what: I don't blame them. I am sure they have been kicking ass anywhere else but here in Holland. The audience here SUX, BIG TIME, mosh dies at the first two pushes and even headbanging seems to be too much for the crowd.
    And after Shining there was Watain.
    Despite everything they managed what seems almost impossible: Get the Dtch to at least headbang. Thats saying a lot already. The sound de Kade is good but not soo good as in Tivoli Helling (Utrecht), but it was still an extraordinary experience. I still have a soar throat that I thik will take days to heal. But fuck it; That's what I went to the gig for. It was a more than a concert; a ceremony of dead and decay, wiht it's final sacrament of rotting pork blood or what the fuck it was... no fucking idea, because I licked this shit and my tongue went asleep. So it's either that they put some wierd sht in it or that there was some pretty fucked up voodoo going on! First class shit, gonna get tickets for these bastards even if they ply in Hell (specially then, lol)
  • EW + Moss

    31. Okt. 2010, 23:26

    Sun 31 Oct – Electric Wizard, Moss
    runlevel0 wrote:
    Zoeven terug van het concert. Moss spelde te kort om echt in stemming te komen. EW was geweldig, Liz is een godin!
  • OMG! A Journal! I will call it... "Journal of doom!"

    13. Mär. 2010, 15:09

    Here it goes., my first Doomed journal entry:
    Domm-doom-doom doom-da-doom, doom-da-doom. doom-bada-doom ;)
    Yeah, it's fucking silly, I am perfectly aware.