AerosmithDream On Lieblingslied 20
All Shall PerishThere Is No Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet Lieblingslied 7
All Shall PerishGagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten Lieblingslied 17
All Shall PerishAwaken the Dreamers Lieblingslied 21
All Shall PerishDivine Illusion Lieblingslied 7
All Shall PerishEmbrace The Curse Lieblingslied 14
All Shall PerishSpineless Lieblingslied 12
Amberian DawnRiver of Tuoni Lieblingslied 5
AnthraxMadhouse Lieblingslied 5
Avenged SevenfoldCritical Acclaim Lieblingslied 9
Avenged SevenfoldDanger Line Lieblingslied 5
Avenged SevenfoldGod Hates Us Lieblingslied 11
AventuraAmor De Madre Lieblingslied 3
AventuraTe Invito Lieblingslied 9
AventuraEnseñame A Olvidar Lieblingslied 9
AventuraEl Perdedor Lieblingslied 8
AventuraMi Corazoncito Lieblingslied 8
AventuraEl malo Lieblingslied 2
AventuraPeligro Lieblingslied 6
AventuraLa curita Lieblingslied 5
Beneath the MassacreThe Casket You Sleep In Lieblingslied 23
Beneath the MassacrePedestal Lieblingslied 11
Betraying The MartyrsBecause Of You Lieblingslied 49
Born of OsirisBow Down Lieblingslied 49
Burning the MassesImmersed Entity Lieblingslied 24
CarnifexMy Heart in Atrophy Lieblingslied 21
CarnifexNever Forgive Me Lieblingslied 39
Chelsea GrinRecreant Lieblingslied 42
Chelsea GrinSonnet of the Wretched Lieblingslied 45
ChicagoHard To Say I'm Sorry Lieblingslied 11
Children of BodomEverytime I Die Lieblingslied 11
Children of BodomWrath Within Lieblingslied 2
Children of BodomTaste Of My Scythe Lieblingslied 8
Children of BodomHate Crew Deathroll Lieblingslied 25
Children of BodomKissing the Shadows Lieblingslied 3
Children of BodomYou're Better Off Dead Lieblingslied 14
Children of BodomPunch Me I Bleed Lieblingslied 10
Children of BodomIf You Want Peace... Prepare For War Lieblingslied 4
Children of BodomTie My Rope Lieblingslied 11
Children of BodomShovel Knockout Lieblingslied 10
Cradle of FilthThirteen Autumns and a Widow Lieblingslied 10
Daddy YankeeGasolina Lieblingslied 2
Daddy YankeeDescontrol Lieblingslied 14
Daddy YankeeElla Me Levanto Lieblingslied 9
Daddy YankeeQue Tengo Que Hacer Lieblingslied 7
Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind Lieblingslied 7
Def LeppardAnimal Lieblingslied 10
Despised IconMVP Lieblingslied 30
Despised IconAll For Nothing Lieblingslied 34
Despised IconEulogy Lieblingslied 17