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I play the bass, and use audio workstation Ardour. At I started this group ;-) music is our soundtrack to the cinema called my Life. Of course, you are invited to join us... __ or, just SHOUT here:: "yo, Adriano" (en français, si tu veux).

Streamed music you might love on this beautiful day! I use some of these tag abbreviations...
ebm := "Electro-Body Music"
fre := "French Electronica"
mgm := "Melodic Gothic Metal"
ndh := "Neue Deutsche Haerte"
01,02,03 := my rating (not year)

Or listen directly to excellent selections from the Chillout Bar which combines other tags like downtempo, acid/nu jazz, fusion, world, and bossa nova!

For darker electronic moods, check out Darkwave...

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