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  • lifeingeneralfm

    Já agora, "Your musical compatibility with Da_Riddler is VERY LOW" & "Your musical compatibility with fox88 is MEDIUM". São coisas da vida... em geral #

    Juli 2013
  • lifeingeneralfm

    rpOliveira 15 Feb 2009 Twittosfera Portuguesa =OK. Isto parece ter estabilizado. Abri o perfil dos 82 membros para verificar a compatibilidade musical. Os dois elementos com compatibilidade musical SUPER comigo foram o Da_Riddler e o fox88.= Não há 2 sem 3 ; )

    Juli 2013
  • Eisenhower

    este homem é um sinhor!

    Juni 2010
  • radiorisingsun

    Beatles cover songs interview. Enjoy :-)

    August 2009
  • Andresantos

    viva! então, q achaste do concerto da kimya?

    Mai 2009
  • smpb

    Goldfrapp, and in particular Utopia is a recent addition to my music library (a year old? slightly more? a minute time span for an eight year-old song), and another example of musical growth sparked by our exchanges. I was fascinated by the song ever since i listened to it for the first time for the soothing, almost dream-like, qualities of its tone. Also, paying attention to the lyrics there's a whole layer of complexity to be found in it, open to very diverse interpretations. And I always enjoyed that in a song. Admittedly, the song was somewhat forgotten and replaced - in the context of Goldfrapp - by the contents of albums like Supernature and Black Cherry, so it was warming to recover it.

    Januar 2009
  • smpb

    "Your musical compatibility with rpOliveira is Very High". It was set on "Low" a few short weeks (days?) ago. Interesting. Are my musical habits converging to yours, or the other way around, i wonder?

    Januar 2009
  • Pong3A

    Ah but you really should use it :)

    November 2008

    Welcome aboard, rpOliveira! Happy listening.

    April 2008