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Über mich

How to appreciate myself?
Profile things are difficult.
Music is food of my soul.
That is my life
I play the guitar and the piano.
Also,I like to sing.
Music is my life,music is myself.
uum,it seems like abstract description.

Sometimes,I want to dance,I listen Techno
Sometimes,I feel anger about something,I listen Metal.
Sometimes,I cry in the dark with Jazz.
Sometimes,I brush up my inspiration with classic.
Oh girl,would you dance with me with Chill?
And The Beatles is always singing on my mind.
I study some difficult things with idm .
The lonelyness,my chaos head will be shaken by rock
I sleep and dream with Blackbird.

It is all.
Not shorten,not over.
I am simple.

Kiss me,I hug u,and shake hands with me :-)


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