My Guitar Heroes


6. Apr. 2006, 17:06

I'll just list some of my favourite guitar players and comment on their style by mentioning what I like most of it.

1. Tony MacAlpine

I love his whole character and all his playing manners. He actually is a pianist but his skills and compositions with the guitar are very formidable. Tony shows much innovation in his pieces; every composition has something unique. If you go for great harmonies and melodies and also love overdriven guitar sounds with long sustain it should appeal to you.

Violent Machine
Maximum Security
Edge of Insanity

2. Vinnie Moore

His music might be easily compared with Tony´s. He also has got the ability to bring magic in his guitar sound and his solo lines.

Mind's Eye
Time Odyssey
The Maze

3. Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie is insane^^ I don't know any guitarist combining arpeggious that cleanly and forming such crazy riffs, with a strat notabene. It seems as if he started playing with 6 months after coming to world or so. Otherwise he must be an alien...

Marching Out
Rising Force
Unleash the Fury

4. Steve Vai

In contrast to Yngwie it is proven that Vai definitely is an alien from another planet. His entire appearance makes him look strange - especially while he plays guitar ;)
His music is doubtlessly very interesting and formidable. Particularly it is also humorous or funny. Vai´s skills as solo guitarist are obviously amazing but as I think very much of it is only show. I love him anyway.

Passion And Warfare
The 7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies - Archives Vol. 1
Alien Love Secrets
Fire Garden
Sex and Religion

Additions will come at the next opportunity


  • ischium

    No Robert Fripp?!

    11. Apr. 2006, 1:14
  • romzen

    never heard of him =/ i should try his music.

    11. Apr. 2006, 1:24
  • Dapto

    While you're listening to Fripp, if you hear him in later King Crimson (after 1980) you'll also hear Adrian Belew. For the purpose of guitar hero worship it's a problem that two brilliant guitarists are in the same band. It's often hard to know who's playing what! Other thoughts: Steve Wilson (from Porcupine Tree & No-Man) Jeff Beck

    16. Apr. 2006, 8:54
  • romzen

    i did. but it is some time ago, as it is longer ago that i listened to yngwie. and i just regged at; so my charts do not contain them.

    2. Mai. 2006, 12:51
  • razXcore

    yngwie is amazing. arpeggios from hell ripped my face off.

    21. Jun. 2006, 1:51
  • sdfjkldksfakjs

    yngwie is fuckin raw. the guy can play 64th notes all day with one if he wanted to hah. but no frank zappa? not even a bit jimi in there? =/ but steve vai is awesome too. i know a song where malmsteen and vai are both playing, it's insane.

    7. Aug. 2006, 3:07
  • romzen

    well, jimi is much hyped nowadays imho... every shred blues guitarist is able to play his stuff. his music is nothing special anymore. i also never liked it, as all the other old fashioned guitar stuff in the classic rock and blues genre. furthermore i´d rather say hendrix was more a great show master than musician - burning his own stacks and smashing his instruments i´ve always been taking for suspect...

    14. Sep. 2006, 19:23
  • cylastefem

    Give the guy a break. He listed *his* favorite guitarists, this list is not supposed to be the greatest guitarists of all time.

    31. Okt. 2006, 10:57
  • Headbanger62695

    those are some good guitar heroes to have... i agreed with every choice but Yngwie Malmsteen & Tony Macalpine are my favorites off your list.

    15. Jul. 2009, 1:40
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