• Moje hudobné zhrnutie roku 2009

    2. Jan. 2010, 15:58

    Veci, z ktorých som padol na zadok

    DVD t.A.T.y. - Truth
    Odvtedy, ako vydali t.A.t.y. svoj druhý album, som sníval o tom, aké úžasné by boli ich skladby zahrané naživo v rockovej verzii. No to som netušil, že mi medzičasom tento sen splnili a dokonca predčili moje predstavy. Nejde o žiadnu provokujúcu lesbickú show, ale o slušný nárez s očarujúcimi slečnami, ktoré nakopávajú zadok hocakej rockovej skupine. Jediná chybička krásy je snáď len Покажи мне любовь zaspievaná v angličtine, ale tak to je naozaj len maličkosť a aj po anglicky znie dosť dobre... ukážka

    DVD The Sound Of Animals Fighting - We Must Become The Change We Want To See
    Perfektná muzička, skvelý koncert dokonale zladený s vizuálnym prevedením. Keď sa chce, tak to ide a ani netreba nejakú náročnú veľkolepú show. V ukážke keď pritancujú slečny, skladba dostáva parádne grády, posúďte... ukážka

    Toto žieňa je môj nový idol. Slabším povahám odporúčam v ukážke preskočiť hneď na prvú minútu, ostatní dať poriadne nahlas reprosústavu a ideme na to: ukážka

    Katatonia - Night Is The New Day
    Jediný album z roku 2009 za plný počet! ukážka

    Veci, ktoré som tento rok objavil a ktoré som doteraz nepoznal:
    Thy Catafalque, Silentium, Kells

    Albumy, ktoré ma úplne dostali:
    Anaal Nathrakh - In the Constellation of the Black Widow
    Devin Townsend - Addicted!
    Ava Inferi - Blood Of Bacchus <i>hosťuje Trickster</i>
    Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue with the Stars
    Isis - Wavering Radiant
    Iwrestledabearonce - It's All Happening
    Manes - Solve Et Coagula
    My Dying Bride - For Lies I Sire
    Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
    t.A.T.y. - Весёлые улыбки

    Albumy, ktoré ma potešili, ale nejak zvlášť neočarili:
    Aqua De Annique - Pure Air, In your Room
    Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue
    Ektomorf - What Doesnt Kill Me
    Kells - Lueurs
    Ephel Duath - Through My Dog's Eyes
    Leaves' Eyes - My Destiny EP
    Sepultura - A Lex

    Albumy, ktoré sklamali - toto teda nie!!!
    Ahab - The Divinity Of Oceans
    Anabantha - Hermanos De Sangre
    Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life
    OSI - Blood
    Mono - Hymn To The Immortal Wind
    The Gathering - The West Pole
    Theatre Of Tragedy - Forever Is The World
    Therion - The Miskolc Experience

    Očakávania v roku 2010:
    Infected Rain, Markize
  • New style of certificates & diplomas

    22. Sep. 2008, 19:59

    After new website design there's time to change also certificates and diplomas. Don't worry, I'm already working on new various styles, I hope you'll like them. But please be patient, cause I have some problem with new script and I want to fix it first... :(

    The biggest reason to change style is more space in "About me" area. I think old ones are too small for it and they have white borders - now it doesn't look good on gray background.
  • Music provides answers to tough questions

    3. Dez. 2007, 21:49

    Create a loooong playlist in your player, switch toi shuffle, press play and then use the song names as answers to the following questions. No cheating!

    How does the world see me?
    Song: It's The Fear
    Artist: Within Temptation
    Comments: That's truth

    Will I have a happy life?
    Song: Sweet Leaf
    Artist: Black Sabbath
    Comments: LOL, I'm going high!!!

    What do my friends really think of me?
    Song: Hand Of Sorrow
    Artist: Within Temptation
    Comments: Oh.. I must smile more

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Song: Back the F*** Up
    Artist: Fear Factory
    Comments: Probably it means NOT

    How can I make myself happy?
    Song: Dark City, Dead Man
    Artist: Cult Of Luna
    Comments: Oh.. It seems like I must kill somebody (or myself?)

    What should I do with my life?
    Song: World of Make Believe
    Artist: Within Temptation
    Comments: Easy to say...

    Why should life be full of so much pain?
    Song: Shadows Of The Sun
    Artist: Ulver
    Comments: Yeah, that's why!

    How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
    Song: Let The Children Go
    Artist: Ulver
    Comments: OK, I will throw my condoms away :D

    Will I ever have children?
    Song: Pet
    Artist: A Perfect Circle
    Comments: I will have only my cat...

    Will I die happy?
    Song: Breathe Machine
    Artist: Five Pointe 0
    Comments: It doesn't sound good...

    What is some good advice for me?
    Song: I Killed Rebecca
    Artist: Ephel Duath
    Comments: Not yet!

    What is happiness?
    Song: You Learn About It
    Artist: The Gathering
    Comments: OK, I really want to learn...

    What is my favourite fetish?
    Song: Rats In A Maze
    Artist: Crisis
    Comments: Oops, now everybody know it! :D

    How will I be remembered?
    Song: The Birth Of Tragedy
    Artist: The Kovenant
    Comments: Really nice memories of me...
  • New Diploms & Certificates added

    14. Sep. 2007, 22:48

    After major changes in graphic and script diploms look as I want. I hope somebody will like them too... And as you can see problem with asian characters is fixed!!! You can find this stuff on

  • Diploms & Certificates

    30. Aug. 2007, 1:00

    I don't know if there is any posibility that somebody will like this but I wanna tell to the world:
    Finally I finished this stuff for users!

    Certificates look like this:

    Artist on certificate is based on first position of your overall or weekly(you can choose it) chart.

    Note: Certificates and Diploms are automaticly updating - you can see any changes!!!

    Diploms are here:

    I wanted create some alternative for popular badges but they still don't look as I want to... so I'm still working on it :)

    In case of interesting you can visit site and get your own!