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  • Jonhou

    Helvetin kova musiikkimaku!

    9. Jul., 9:24 Antworten
  • Satanprayer97

    cheers mate vitun kova musiikkimaku

    23. Jun., 14:09 Antworten
  • Profoundemonium

    I haven't heard Looptroop Rockers before, I also don't listen to much hip hop except for things like Clams Casino which is some very good instrumental music. I think this remix of Rockin' Squat's Undaground Connexion is great too. I am very much enjoying the band Licht- und Schattensaiten at the moment, it's avant-garde black metal with a strong folk influence and even some post-rock style tracks on the Sonnenwind album. Some of the releases are available for free at the official website.

    20. Jun., 21:37 Antworten
  • Profoundemonium

    Thanks. I'm not sure where to begin with suggestions given the general diversity in your most recent listens and charts overall. I also never reset or delete scrobbles unless there is a problem with the tags so I'm sure there will be something for you to find and enjoy. If there is a more specific range of sounds or atmosphere you are hoping to explore that would be great. I would usually first put forward the band Kyte as one which has made a profound impact on my life but it appears you already know them. A lesser known band who raise similar vibes are Silent Devices. If I think of something else I'll be sure to let you know.

    20. Jun., 0:54 Antworten
  • Stsip

    Hello! Onkos tullut kuunneltua orkesteria nimeltä Kaunis Kuolematon ? Saattaisit jopa tykätä tuosta mustaa metallia soittavasta bändistä :)

    25. Mai., 3:36 Antworten
  • xstangerx

    what an awesome taste!

    30. Apr., 20:15 Antworten
  • AthanaricRo

    Although we've had brief talks before, your About me section always gets me. A vast and detailed exposition of both personal and general facts that's well worth reading and quite interesting. Always a pleasure. (mostly in reply to: [i]If you really fucking did read all this, come on please comment and tell me what you think! or more important, tell me if you read it.[/i])

    14. Apr., 22:20 Antworten
  • Unknownrooster

    you get to paid to talk about music?

    3. Apr., 18:42 Antworten
  • p2Trix

    Epic music taste :D

    27. Mär., 21:00 Antworten
  • Matti81

    haha, yeah, and the rest will be kicked away from your little sidekick... great, i hope it will work fine... nah, no finnish ancestors... here Matti is not a "full name", it's only one of many abbreviations for Matthias, but it's my nick since ages now and i like it... ;)

    16. Mär., 13:49 Antworten
  • Matti81

    yepp... i've read your whole about me section... not the first time (yes, every now and then i'm stumbling over your profile), but the thing with the desease is new for me (well maybe i didn't read the full bio the last time(s), that might well be)... i'm sure you both learned to deal with that shit but i'm sorry for you nonethenless! fortunately your little tyke is healthy (or at least it should be if i did understand these gobbledygooks explanations of autosomal recessive disorders right)... take care! you have to! because of your loved ones!

    12. Mär., 12:50 Antworten
  • Meat_Wolf

    It sounds like basically the same thing, because we don't have the ideal hair in ldeal conditions but the real one :) I heard about weight thing as well from some folks. Sounds reasonable enough.

    8. Feb., 6:07 Antworten
  • Meat_Wolf

    Yes, for every hair there's a limit to how much it can grow, it's true. But then there are some people like Danny Cecati from Eyefear, not sure I or anyone I know can have anything like that o.O

    2. Feb., 16:29 Antworten
  • Meat_Wolf

    Well, I just... didn't cut it? :D Took a lot of time though.

    2. Feb., 16:17 Antworten
  • Sonnycz

    According to your text here I suppose you consider yourself an insightfu, considerate person. Based on the things you write about the I think there can be almost no doubt that you are vegan. But just to make sure, I must ask: are you? :D ....

    2. Feb., 0:48 Antworten
  • miotailtmilidh

    Ah! Finnish people and their great tastes in music. I clearly live in the wrong country!!! Great taste :)

    26. Jan., 17:02 Antworten
  • LauraKaarina

    Jee kiitos! \o/ (jätetään huomioimatta se etten muista kuin mones kerta tää on... Ai miten niin päättämätön)

    19. Jan., 17:11 Antworten
  • StrangeComa


    26. Dez. 2013 Antworten
  • Profoundemonium

    Hello, could you please delete this image? It's actually an old photo of me from Flickr and not that band, haha.

    9. Dez. 2013 Antworten
  • FireRaiser85

    Yeah, do it! :)

    30. Nov. 2013 Antworten
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Über mich profile updated 19. July 2014.

My own melancholic electronic album Melodies from the Dark Mind can be listened from Spotify, here.

One song that currently moves me very much:

Kuinka haavoittuvainen voikaan olla ihminen
Ilman sinua ei ole mitään
En ole mitään

(How fragile can human be
Without you there's nothing
I am nothing)

En Ole Mitään

If you ask me my favourite bands, I would really have to think, because my music taste is so diverse.

Current favourites: Lord Belial, Ov Hollowness, Raventale, Heretoir, Iskald, Kaunis Kuolematon, Monarque, Mustan Kuun Lapset, Beastmilk, Setherial, Saxon Shore, Aural Method, Ancient Vvisdom, Feigur, Sun of the Blind, Self-Inflicted Violence, Galar, Mistur.

When it comes to music and viewing the world through music, my opinions may even seem hateful, but although I have some nihilistic and sceptic opinions and been experiencing quite harsh stuff, deep down I'm very kind and peaceful gentleman. I learn through nothing else but life itself. Remember, the present moment is the only thing you have and will ever have.

I hear new music every day, sometimes it's too much and I'm overwhelmed by all the choices. Sometimes it's too hard to decide what to listen next, so feel free to recommend me something, even something I have already heard. It really helps.

My stats may vary, listening "softer" stuff at work so people don't get scared. After all, I'm not picky about good music even if it's lighter or harsher stuff.

Some have said I'm not "true" or listen "true" music, since I can listen artists like Coldplay and put songs like Satan My Master on next just fine. There is no "true" for me. I deny stuff that may have some worth to you. If you think one should listen to only one kind of music, you are the poser, not me. I'm not going to prove anything to you or anyone else. I don't care what you or others think about me.

08/10/2012 in the woods of Jyväskylä, Kangaslampi (Finland) ("The fabric lake"):

The most recent article (in finnish): 07/12/2012:
Full list at
Yes, it is me in the avatar. 27/11/2010
Corpse paint inspired by Carach Angren.

I would love to hear your opinion of music, me, life, you, or anything. What is so interesting here? Please leave a comment already.


Important / Read first: If you want just add me to grow your friendlist by sending a friend request without saying anything: don't. I will consider accepting your request if you like to discuss with me with things. I also will accept friend requests as long as I know you from somewhere, anywhere, special, Internet, or real life.

I appreciate very much if you waste some time for reading my About Me section. I want to make every visit here meaningful. Thanks! I am very sorry, but this thing just keeps growing and GROWING, and now it's all over the place! The real "About me" is down there, so one more reason to keep reading.

I used to photograph and interview bands whenever I got the chance. I work for finnish metal music webzine Bands and labels: currently not taking new interview/review requests, but please send inquiries to

Main thoughts

Side note: most of the thougths are rather old, originally from years 2006-2007, but I still agree most of it.

World is evil, fucked up, I really think that way. There is as much as shit as beauty in this world, but because of the great amount of shit we cannot see the beauty. Especially when you are drowning. I consider myself thoughtful and philosophical person. I'm naturally very calm, and my maybe a bit harsh appearance does not reflect my personality at all. Remember, the kindest and the most thoughtful people are usually those who are most vulnerable and easily depressed by the sickness around us...

I could say I have seen much evil. World is full of violence, evil people, blood, terror, incest, and so on. We're all potential child rapists, murderers, thieves and any other egocentric dung you can think of. When you experience misery long enough, you stop believing in good.

Where are those golden beaches from those fancy holiday ads in television? Where is that place to be free, to run free on endless meadows and warm sun, with only joy and wealth? Nowhere to be seen but in my dreams. Every day we seem to sink deeper to our misery, days go darker and never ending winter gets colder... But aren’t we all hiding until the moment we’re dying. And maybe I’m free, but freedom just means that I’m lost. It feels like I’m driving without ever arriving. I really don’t know what it needs to put my smile on, to turn the light on. It always seems I’m falling down. They think I’m crazy.

My wife has a disease which causes deafblindness. She is partly deaf (can hear music with hearing aid, without it; nada) and blind already, and our family is bilingual with sign language as a second language. Her disease (usher syndrome, you can google it) is continuous and incurable, and she is losing her vision and hearing day by day. Some day she might not be able to listen music again. I hope for the best. But that is not the thing we are worried about... we are used to those things, using speech and signlanguage, bilingually. No, the real issue is mental health, the lack of joy in life, the unbearable feeling of emptiness and misery.

For some reason destiny has decided that her disease was not enough. She has been near death for many times, if not by hands of someone else, for the suicidal causes. All is to blame this sick world, psychopats, violence, people. It makes me hate humanity, or at least lose faith in it, and it colours and empowers my opinions for sure.

I have also been there. I'm not suicidal any more, but I suffer depression. It seems that every day is a fight for survival. In this world reputation, money, and people rule. Without even one of those things you can't live. But the final good thing is that I have learned many lessons in life, and one is being happy about what you've got. It's the only way. Even the most suicidal person respects life as much he can wake up the next day. If you don't have that, the only way is Omega, the end of everything. Sometimes letting go is only thing to do, but it is final. I hope my world does not come to an end any time soon. I respect life as crazy as it sounds. Life can be a bitch, but it can surely smile too. Let's fuck life in the ass and enjoy the rest of our lives with things we've got?

Why I'm here? The tagline of tells it all: "A Social Music Revolution". I'm here because I love music, reviewing music, discovering music, and making conversations about music. is the new generation of social music, and I want to be part of that.

I listen music everywhere, every time. And everything goes to I'm used to it, and I'm fully standing behind the official, "if it doesn't scrobble, it doesn't count".

I'm one of those who honor the original account and does not make a new one or reset because "this is not my accurate music taste any longer" or "my nick sounds lame". You can view charts by last seven days which is enough for me.

I'm always insterested in new discoveries, and my music taste is endlessly versatile. That might explain the low plays per artist charts. However, depending my fascination and interest, it takes very long or short time to bands/artist to get to top 50. The best way to get my current taste view charts by last 7 days first and afterwards the overall. Also I highly recommend to check my top listened albums, especially last 12 months, to get the whole picture.

If you are wondering how the hell I'm listening albums/tracks which are not yet published: I work for finnish metal webzine, and get new releases beforehand. I am also a nerd, and I get a toaster to scrobble if I want to, and usually artists put new tracks beforehand in services like myspace or youtube. Currently my Linux machine scrobbles (besides normal mp3 and audio) myspace, soundcloud, youtube, and flash audio.

Clients & scrobblers I have used

Spotify, Subsonic, MusicCabinet (my favourite), Radio, Songbird, MPD, mpdscribble, Ncmpcpp, gmpc, mopidy, scrobd, zomg, Mobbler, scrobbl, Rdio, (through proxy, ehm), ScrobbleSmurf, scrobbler for Chrome, My Cloud Player, Youtify, LastVJ, universalscrobbler, radiotuna, bandcamp scrobbler,, ...and some more.

Websites I've made or taking part in,, Pikkuinen, Unipäiväkirja,,, + hundreds and hundreds of sites I've done as professional work.

Social me

My projects

2010: Mindmist, / (dead)
2006: Rolle, ,
2003: DJ Rolle, ,

Friends' band projects
(or in some cases their friends' I've met)

2014: Sons of Crom,
2007: Safemode,
2009: Siknis,
2004: Deafen,
2004: Home Junior,
2005: Casket,
2009: Dødkvlt,
2006: La Nausée,
2007: Keep The Change, Despair,
2007: My Grimace,
2005: Ravage Machinery,
2004: Armath Sargon,
2008: Sisare,
1999: Random Eyes,
2010: Hencca & Bigband,
2011: Baulta,

What about me?

As I said before, my About me -section keeps growing and growing, but it doesn't mind me at all. If you think I'm selfish, I'm not, I only love writing. I write daily, but unfortunately not in english (if you don't count

I love melancholic music, mostly , but music in general. I have to say I listen mainly metal (mostly , , and ). From time to time I tend to ignore everything else. I love every metal genre from the bottom of my heart, except .

They say 8 out of 10 great metal bands are from Finland. Well, I'm from cold north Finland so I guess I fucking own (I'm not trying to be arrogant, haha). My hometown and current location is Jyväskylä, the proud city of many great metal bands: Swallow the Sun, Sotajumala, Soulfallen, Manufacturer's Pride, Ghost Brigade, Dark the Suns, Alghazanth.

So, this is me Rolle who has diverse taste in music, but practically is all metal listener. Metal is definitely my favourite genre, but I'm quite openminded when it comes to music. My beloved wife mustikkasoppa listens metal as well. I'm a happiest father in the world with one daughter and a son.

Me and my wife, Halloween 2009.

Musical history

It was 1998 or something when I first fell in love with metal (at the same time I started playing classic piano, later acoustic and electric guitar). Of course back in the days it wasn't so "heavy" at first. My metal-habits didn't start first with classic 80s bands like Iron Maiden, no, I started with Nu Metal (I think it was more at that time), with bands like Blindside and P.O.D..

It is obvious that I was a bit more religious than today (blame my christian raising), so it influenced a bit with my choose of artists. Later my metal taste got distracted by genres like . After 2003 I started listening metal as my main genre despite the fact that everybody around me blamed me for supporting devil's work. To this day I've been extending my metal knowledge to thousands of metal bands, and growing...

Now let's get over with the rest of necessary lists and that shit.

Recent patches

25/01/2013: ColdWorld, Back patch
25/01/2013: Apati, White patch
25/01/2013: Windir, White patch
25/01/2013: Forgotten Tomb, Grey patch
25/01/2013: Leviathan, White patch
03/02/2012: Taake, White patch
03/02/2012: Belphegor, White patch
03/02/2012: Borknagar, White patch
03/02/2012: Shining, White patch
03/02/2012: Anaal Nathrakh, White patch
03/02/2012: Dark Fortress, White patch

Recent shirts

28/11/2012: Heretoir, T-shirt
28/11/2012: Lunar Aurora, T-shirt
09/11/2012: Alcest, Écailles de Lune - T-shirt
11/02/2012: Anaal Nathrakh, Skulls - T-Shirt
19/02/2010: Dødkvlt, I - T-Shirt
24/12/2010: Belphegor, Goatreich - T-Shirt
24/12/2010: Dissection, Nexion - T-Shirt (stolen)
24/12/2010: Shining, Finnish tour "fuck you" - T-Shirt
06/12/2010: Sotajumala, 6 Laukausta - T-Shirt
30/01/2010: Soulfallen, World Domination - T-Shirt
15/06/2009: Norther, Till Death Unites Us - T-Shirt
22/05/2009: Behemoth, Black hoodie
01/01/2009: Ensiferum, Black T-Shirt
01/01/2009: Ensiferum, Black T-Shirt with brown text

Official interviews

25/06/2011: Eluveitie, Nummirock, (read)
24/06/2011: Norther, Nummirock, (read)
24/06/2011: KYPCK, Nummirock, (read)
19/02/2011: Turmion Kätilöt, (read)
18/02/2011: Kvelertak, (read)
30/07/2010: Dødkvlt, (read)
27/06/2010: Throes Of Dawn, Nummirock, (read)
26/06/2010: 2 Times Terror, Nummirock, (read)
22/08/2009: Sotajumala, Lutakko Liekeissä, (read)
22/08/2009: Torture Killer, Lutakko Liekeissä, (read)
15/08/2009: Mokoma, Jyväskylärock, (read)

Official gig/festival reviews

04/07/2011: Nummirock (read)
25/02/2011: Finnish Metal Expo (read)
20/01/2011: Turisas / Daniel Lioneye (read)
06/12/2010: Machinae Supremacy (read)
18/11/2010: Seventh Wonder (read)
30/06/2010: Nummirock (read)
25/08/2009: Lutakko Liekeissä (read)

See my journal for unofficial english ones.

Official reviews

05/02/2012: Tired of updating. Please see the full list.
04/10/2011: Graveborne, Pure Negativity, (read)
16/02/2011: Turmion Kätilöt, Perstechnique, (read)
12/09/2010: ID: Exorcist, Under a Ton of Ice, (read)
15/10/2009: Ancara, Tears with a Smile, (read)
04/07/2009: Killswitch Engage, Kills [...], (read)
16/06/2009: Ancara, We Paint December, (read)
09/06/2009: Alestorm, Black Sails at Midnight, (read)
15/08/2009: Prey, Knights of the Revolution, (read)

Seen live

17/05/2014: Primordial, Steelfest
17/05/2014: Vader, Steelfest
17/05/2014: Necrophobic, Steelfest
17/05/2014: Urfaust, Steelfest
17/05/2014: Mustan Kuun Lapset, Steelfest
17/05/2014: Goatmoon (2), Steelfest
17/05/2014: Archgoat, Steelfest
17/05/2014: Convulse, Steelfest
17/05/2014: Alghazanth, Steelfest
16/05/2014: Valkyrja, Steelfest
16/06/2013: In Flames, Provinssirock 2013
16/06/2013: Down, Provinssirock 2013
16/06/2013: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, Provinssirock
16/06/2013: Rytmihäiriö (2), Provinssirock 2013
15/06/2013: Stone, Provinssirock 2013
15/06/2013: Cheek, Provinssirock 2013
14/06/2013: Blur, Provinssirock 2013
25/05/2013: Barathrum (2), Steelfest
24/05/2013: Belphegor, Steelfest
24/05/2013: Goatmoon, Steelfest
24/05/2013: Horna (3), Steelfest
20/04/2013: Graveyard, Lutakko
22/02/2013: Stam1na (3),
08/03/2013: Soulfallen (5), Freetime
22/02/2013: Stam1na (3), Kebab Danger II
09/02/2013: Sons Of Aeon, Musta Kynnys
09/02/2013: Hanging Garden (2), Musta Kynnys
30/01/2013: Anneke van Giersbergen, Lutakko
30/01/2013: Danny Cavanagh (Anathema), Lutakko

09/11/2012: Katatonia (2), Dead Ends of Europe 2012
09/11/2012: Alcest, Dead Ends of Europe 2012
12/10/2012: Wintersun (2), Lutakko
07/09/2012: Ensiferum (3), Lutakko
30/06/2012: Napalm Death, Tuska Open Air
30/06/2012: Textures, Tuska Open Air
30/06/2012: Horna (2), Tuska Open Air
30/06/2012: Mokoma (3), Tuska Open Air
30/06/2012: Vorum, Tuska Open Air
30/06/2012: Anaal Nathrakh, Tuska Open Air
22/06/2012: Mokoma (2), Nummirock
22/06/2012: Stam1na (2), Nummirock
22/06/2012: Turmion Kätilöt (3), Nummirock
22/06/2012: Fear Factory, Nummirock
22/06/2012: In Mourning, Nummirock
22/06/2012: Brymir, Nummirock
26/05/2012: Ghost Brigade (2), Lutakko
23/05/2012: Ozzy Osbourne, Hartwall Areena
19/05/2012: Taake, Steelfest
19/05/2012: Sotajumala (3), Steelfest
19/05/2012: Enochian Crescent (2), Steelfest
19/05/2012: Sacrilegious Impalement, Steelfest
18/05/2012: Entombed, Steelfest
18/05/2012: Deathchain (2), Steelfest
18/05/2012: Azaghal, Steelfest
18/05/2012: Valoton, Steelfest
21/04/2012: Sólstafir, Lutakko
21/04/2012: Hexvessel, Lutakko
03/02/2012: Soulfallen (4), Loppu Tulee
20/01/2012: Swallow the Sun (5), Spinefeast at Sea
19/01/2012: Mayhem, Spinefeast at Sea
19/01/2012: Shining (3), Spinefeast at Sea
19/01/2012: DragonForce, Spinefeast at Sea
19/01/2012: Viikate, Spinefeast at Sea
19/01/2012: Amaranthe, Spinefeast at Sea

30/12/2011: Medeia (2), Musta Kynnys Jyväskylä
25/11/2011: Horna, Lutakko
25/11/2011: Alghazanth, Lutakko
20/10/2011: Sparzanza, Lutakko
01/10/2011: Ghost Brigade, Until Fear No Long[...]
23/09/2011: Pain, Lutakko
23/09/2011: Black Light Discipline, Lutakko
24/07/2011: Amorphis (2), Tuska Open Air
24/07/2011: Shining (2), Tuska Open Air
24/07/2011: Meshuggah, Tuska Open Air
24/07/2011: Totalselfhatred, Tuska Open Air
24/07/2011: Kvelertak, Tuska Open Air
24/07/2011: Impaled Nazarene, Tuska Open Air
23/07/2011: Devin Townsend Project, Tuska [...]
23/07/2011: Wintersun, Tuska Open Air
23/07/2011: Katatonia, Tuska Open Air
23/07/2011: Tarot (2), Tuska Open Air
23/07/2011: Moonsorrow (2), Tuska Open Air
23/07/2011: Medeia, Tuska Open Air
23/07/2011: Epica, Tuska Open Air
23/07/2011: Witchery, Tuska Open Air
23/07/2011: MyGrain (2), Tuska Open Air
22/07/2011: Oranssi Pazuzu, Tuska Open Air
22/07/2011: At the Gates, Tuska Open Air
25/06/2011: Turisas (2), Nummirock
25/06/2011: Eluveitie, Nummirock
25/06/2011: U.D.O., Nummirock
25/06/2011: Thaurorod, Nummirock
25/06/2011: The Haunted, Nummirock
25/06/2011: Eläkeläiset, Nummirock
24/06/2011: Legion of the Damned, Nummirock
24/06/2011: Amorphis, Nummirock
24/06/2011: Norther, Nummirock
24/06/2011: Voivod, Nummirock
24/06/2011: Rotten Sound, Nummirock
24/06/2011: KYPCK, Nummirock
24/06/2011: Ajattara (2), Nummirock
23/06/2011: MyGrain, Nummirock
12/05/2011: Shining, Lutakko
12/05/2011: Chthonian, Lutakko
19/02/2011: Turmion Kätilöt (2), Finnish Metal Expo
18/02/2011: Sabaton, Finnish Metal Expo
18/02/2011: Symfonia, Finnish Metal Expo
18/02/2011: Triptykon, Finnish Metal Expo
20/01/2011: Turisas, Lutakko
20/01/2011: Daniel Lioneye, Lutakko

05/12/2010: Machinae Supremacy, Lutakko
05/12/2010: Kill the Romance, Lutakko
05/12/2010: Random Eyes, Lutakko
12/11/2010: Seventh Wonder, Pub Katse
12/11/2010: Status Minor, Pub Katse
29/08/2010: Soulfallen (2), Lutakko Liekeissä jatkot
29/06/2010: Teardown, Lutakko Liekeissä jatkot
26/08/2010: Sonata Arctica (2), Nummirock
26/06/2010: Venom, Nummirock
26/06/2010: Enochian Crescent, Nummirock
26/06/2010: Thyrfing, Nummirock
26/06/2010: Sepultura, Nummirock
26/06/2010: Sotajumala (2), Nummirock
26/06/2010: Insomnium (2), Nummirock
26/06/2010: Throes Of Dawn, Nummirock
26/06/2010: Overstraind, Nummirock
25/06/2010: Six Feet Under, Nummirock
25/06/2010: Finntroll, Nummirock
25/06/2010: 2 Times Terror, Nummirock
25/06/2010: Dark Tranquillity (2), Nummirock
25/06/2010: Tarot, Nummirock
25/06/2010: Blackstar Halo, Nummirock
25/06/2010: Swallow the Sun (4), Nummirock
24/06/2010: Kiuas (2), Nummirock
16/04/2010: Dark Funeral, A Declaration of Hate [...]
16/04/2010: Zonaria, A Declaration of Hate Tour
16/04/2010: Carach Angren, A Declaration of [...]
13/03/2010: Club For Five, You're the Voice
11/03/2010: Barathrum, The Baptism of Hell
10/03/2010: Azazel, The Baptism of Hell
10/03/2010: Saturnian Mist, The Baptism of Hell
20/02/2010: Sonata Arctica, Finnish Metal Expo
20/02/2010: Apocalyptica, Finnish Metal Expo
20/02/2010: Winterborn, Finnish Metal Expo
20/02/2010: Survivors Zero, Finnish Metal Expo
20/02/2010: Swallow the Sun (3), Finnish Metal Expo
20/02/2010: Insomnium, Finnish Metal Expo
20/02/2010: Turmion Kätilöt, Finnish Metal Expo
20/02/2010: Tukkanuotta, Finnish Metal Expo

2007-2009: See journal: "Seen live 2007-2009"

If you really fucking did read all this, come on please comment and tell me what you think! or more important, tell me if you read it.

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