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iamamiwhoamifountain 26. Sep., 22:43
iamamiwhoamiblue blue 26. Sep., 22:38
WolfsheimFind You´re Here 12. Mai., 13:53
Deal & MolellaShine (Dankann Vs Antillas Remix) 19. Apr., 5:25
The Jesus and Mary ChainHead On Lieblingslied 19. Apr., 4:41
MetricSick Muse Lieblingslied 19. Apr., 3:48
The SoundsMidnight Sun 19. Apr., 3:45
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Hi , For me music is one of the most important things in my life ,is like my most loyal friend who shares with me all my soundtrack of life. the music i love the most is metal music from Heavy Metal to Black Metal , I also like Trance , Vocal Trance, Classical , Electronic , Synth or Future Pop and Industrial , for my music is not just joy, fashion and dance , for my music is and style of life i decided to be part of , where there´s a spot not only for happiness but for chaos and turbulence as well.

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